How can I apply for Canada PR Visa?

If you’re looking for a paradise on earth for you and family to settle in, then Canada is your answer! The maple leaf country is the new age land of flowing milk & honey, which symbolizes its lushness of wealth and contemporary European culture, and with a handy Canada PR ticket you can assure yourselves a generation of benefits that no other countries can bargain for.
Regarded as the great white wilderness of the northern hemisphere, Canada’s grandeur of landscape and multicultural heritage is one that reflects of the European era drenched in English and French (their official two languages). Being sparsely populated Canada immigration is a trip worth a lifetime.
From the hulking majesty of the mountains in the west, to the craggy coastlines of the east, to the spectral rainforests, you’ll be stunned where to reside in this colossal paradise. And a Canada resident visa can grant you the privilege of living your dreams in one of the ten provinces and three territories that make-up Canada. These provinces and territories are further grouped into five regions for your better understanding while moving to Canada:

  • Atlantic Provinces - New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island
  • Central Canada - Quebec and Ontario
  • Prairies Provinces - Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan
  • West Coast - British Columbia
  • The North - Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Yukon
How Do I Become Permanent Resident of Canada?
Presently, moving to Canada is much promising with 2019 proving to be a successful year for all the Indians who applied for a visa in Canada. With the points-based immigration system becoming much lenient entitling you with countless ways to immigrate. It is no wonder why Canada thrives in a prosperous economy with a wealth of natural resources and world class healthcare systems.
But however, pathways for becoming a permanent resident of Canada could be short or time taking based on individual preferences. A Canada PR visa can be applied directly from India or anywhere in this world (time taking process), or from within Canada itself (shorter process).  So, whether you’re on a Canada tourist visa, or a holder of Work Permit Canada, you can apply for permanent residence from within the country. But before you apply for the visa, it is recommended that you check your eligibility based on your qualification to decide if you qualify for the Canadian permanent residence.
Based on your eligibility you might fall under any of the following Canada immigration categories:
  1. Express Entry Program
  2. Provincial Nominee Programs
  3. Atlantic Immigration Pilot Programs

What are the Benefits of Having Permanent Residency in Canada?
Immigration, for long has been a practice that has been carried out ever since our ancestors set foot on the planet. A life changing decision that only serves the purpose of giving the optimum quality of life for the generation to come. Canada is a country that is craved for its profound quality of life and cultural heritage. Boasting a bucket load of benefits, Canada PR visa awaits you and your family to become a growing component of it economy.
Why Canada immigration is preferred among the multitude of immigrants from around the world is because of its -
  • Live, work or study anywhere in Canada.
  • Unwavering World-class healthcare benefits and improved infrastructure.
  • Optimum quality of living with lower crime rates.
  • Government subsidized free education-system.
  • Increased employment rate.
  • Insurance coverage.
  • Most prominent opportunities in business, investment and employment within flourishing industries in Aerospace, IT, Tourism, Real estate, Hospitality, infrastructure and manufacturing.
  • Businessmen & investors can utilize the Canadian financial and banking system for further expansion of their business interests.
Once you’ve attained a Canada PR, the benefits keep increasing with -
  • A Canadian citizenship after successfully staying for at least 1095 days in five years’ time.
  • Voting rights.
  • Apply to government jobs in Canada
  • Free Old Age Security and Pension schemes.
  • As a citizen, one can work in USA under flexible TN visa
  • Temporarily stay anywhere in EU and G-8.
What are the Requirements for Canada Permanent Resident Visa?
If immigration is on your mind then you can probably look for the most sought-after Canada immigration pathway – The Express Entry system. The point-based express entry system sorts applicants on a number of factors assessing their ability to cope up with the Canadian culture and well they can contribute in the upbringing of its economy.
One thing you have to keep in mind is that a Canada PR visa is only focused on high potential applicants/professionals, which the government of Canada sees fit for its growing economy. The coveted permanent residency status is granted to those who exhibit the highest CRS score in the express entry pool.
However, to prove one’s zeal as the potential candidate for Canada PR, you must secure a high score based on the following CRS points requirements:
  • Required Age.
  • Minimum Education Required.
  • Minimum Work Experience needed.
  • Language Proficiency.
  • Adaptability Points. 
What are the Various Methods to Get a Canada PR Visa?
As the best immigration consultants in Delhi and Pan India with over 25 years exposure in Global mobility and relocation, we offer to you our services for Canada PR under the following immigration pathways.
  • Express Entry Program - Introduced by the CIC, it is a new electronic selection system intended to select skilled workers for Canadian immigration. Under this particular stream your Canada visa application becomes possible in the easiest way.
  • Provincial Nomination Program - It’s a fast-track application process for Canada PR eligibility, where each provinces & territories can rightly nominate a potential candidate as a permanent resident to Canada.
  • Entrepreneur Program - If you are an entrepreneur who wants to establish a new business in Canada, then this program is the right choice. The tremendous opportunity for the investment attracts a large number of investors with high net worth to invest in Canada and make a way for the Canada Resident Visa.
  • Quebec Immigration Program - Apply for a Canada PR visa through this program, which allows the Quebec Government to pick skilled professionals who intend to reside within the province of Quebec.
What is the Process to Get Canadian Permanent Resident Visa?
  1. Getting your WES (World Education Services) certified Education Credential Assessment (ECA) report.
  2. Appearing for IELTS and submitting your Language Ability Report.
  3. Express Entry profile creation and submission.
  4. Assessing your CRS Score and if required working towards improving it.
  5. Applying for all the available Provincial Nomination Programs.
  6. Waiting for Express Entry draws results.
  7. Invitation to Apply or Nomination Certificate.
  8. Preparing the required immigration documents for your Canada visa application.

So, when it comes to Canada immigration news you have to harness the intuitive powers of one of the best immigration consultants in Delhi & PAN India, and Visa Experts (Abhinav groups) takes pride in providing you with accurate guidance on your Canada visa application. To have more information about on Canadian immigration news and updates, get in touch with us or on (+91) 859 533 8595 or directly interact with the expert through our Live Chat window.

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