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Quebec is among the foremost immigrant friendly province which welcomes more than 45,000 migrants per annum, from a staggering 100 countries. These immigrants play a vital role in the province’s economic, social & cultural integration. For those keen to migrate to the Maple Country for employment, business or study purposes, Quebec immigration would be the best choice.

Why Should You Immigrate to Quebec?
It is a pertinent question when it comes to Canada Quebec Immigration and it is worth noting that every year Quebec Govt. grants 50,000 immigrants across the globe. The most important factor which makes Quebec a popular choice for Canada Immigration is that, the program does not follow the immigration criteria of the federal express entry program. Instead, they have their own criteria which needs to be fulfilled in order to qualify for Quebec Immigration. Consisted of largely French speaking population, the province is known for multi-culturalism and social acceptance among immigrants.

Benefits of Quebec Immigration

  • Quebec province enjoys high living standards, superior educational and transportation facilities and the administration is eager to draw skilled and business talents from across the world, via easy immigration path to them.
  • It has a healthy economy and GDP is approximately CAD$376 billion and its per capita GDP is $45,511. The economy is dominated by the manufacturing and services sector generating a large number of employment-opportunities for the qualified persons.
  • People feel secure in the province, thanks to its low crime rate, quality healthcare & educational facilities, and the absence of discrimination against the foreign ethnic groups.
Minimum Requirements for Quebec Skilled Worker Program 

In order to be qualify as Quebec skilled worker, one needs to suffice the below-mentioned Quebec immigration points eligibility criteria:
  • Candidate should be at least 18 years old
  • Have good communication skills in English or French. It is not obligatory to know both the languages, but it will be a great bonus for the profile to get considered.
  • Acquiring Job Offer from a Quebec employer will take profile ahead of the competition for the Quebec immigration.
  • Have at least 1 year of working experience. To fetch maximum points, it is recommended to attain an average of 3 years of working experience before applying.
  • Have enough educational qualification to be considered. It is recommended to acquire at least a Master’s degree to have a good chance of getting selected.
  • Demonstrate proof of funds to support the applicant and his/her family for at least 6 months in Quebec.
What is the Quebec Immigration Process?
The Canada Quebec Immigration process can be explained in simple terms but the important factor to be considered is that one can only for Quebec immigration once the Quebec immigration authority opens its quota for new applications.
  • All the applications are assessed through Mon Projet Quebec which allows applicants to apply for immigration to Quebec and the system ranks them on a point-based system on the basis of age, educational qualifications, work experience, language ability etc.
  • After providing all the details, the applicants are awarded with a score, which will ultimately decide the applicant for the selection of immigration to Quebec.
  • The best applicants are selected for immigration and given a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ). Upon receiving the CSQ, applicant can directly apply to the IRCC for the Canada PR visa.

Quebec Immigration Programs

Quebec immigration system is different from other Programs , as the province has its own immigration associated laws to propel the economy with investments, besides labor-force. Below are the various immigration paths to Quebec:

  • Quebec Immigrant Investor Program:
    • The Program attracts the experienced and high net worth individuals to Quebec wherein the applicants must make the investment through one of the Financial Intermediaries to make a significant contribution in the economic development of the province.
  • Quebec Entrepreneur Program:
    • The stream is for individuals wishing to establish or acquire a business in the province and participate in its progress.
    • The province offers aerospace, life sciences, multimedia, information and communication technologies and services industry.
  • Quebec Self-employed Person Program:
    • The program focuses on applicants who are willing to create their own employment by practicing a profession on their own account.
    • Candidate must come to Québec to create their own job by practicing a profession, demonstrate legally obtained net assets of at least CAD 100,000.
    • Possess at least two years of experience as a self-employed, in which the applicant is aspiring to practice in Québec.
  • Quebec Skilled Worker Program:
    • The prospective immigrants are evaluated according to a selection grid of factors, and applicants who score enough points are given a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ), which is relevant to apply for Canadian permanent residency.
  • Quebec Experience Class: The program is differentiated into two categories:
    • Foreign students
    • Individuals with work experience in Quebec.
What is Quebec Skilled Worker Program Processing Time?
The Quebec skilled worker program processing time is different from the Federal Skilled Worker Program. The average application processing time varies from region to region. However, processing can be completed within 13 months after which applicants are issued a Certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ).

How Quebec Skilled Workers Program Points Calculator works?
To qualify as a Quebec Skilled Worker, the applicant must score a minimum of 50 points under the quebec immigration points. Below is the break-down of Quebec points calculator:
 Factors of Selection Points Awarded
Training Up till 26 points
Education Up till 14 points
Areas of Training Up till 12 points
Work Experience Up till 8 points
Age Up till 16 points
Proficiency in Language (English language+ French language) Up till 22 points= (16+22) points each
Connection in Quebec Up till 8 points
Characteristics of Spouse/Common-law partner Up till 17 points
Validated Job Offer Up till 10 points
Accompanying Children Up till 8 points
Financial Self-sufficiency Up till 1 point

Applicant must apply for Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) and then submit an application to IRCC for federal approval.

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