Follow the Direct Path to Quebec Immigration

If you want to permanently live and work in Canada’s most culturally vibrant province, where high quality of life meets affordable living, Quebec is the place for you. Since Quebec does not have its own Provincial Nominee Program, foreign nationals are selected through the Quebec Skilled Worker Program – which is a direct gateway to permanent residence in Canada.

Benefits of Immigration to Quebec

  • Strong and stable economy with lucrative job opportunities in several sectors
  • Affordable and accessible healthcare infrastructure
  • Reputed universities and free primary education
  • Multicultural, ethnically diverse, immigrant-friendly population
  • Metropolitan culture with a relatively low cost of living

Eligibility Requirements

Only those whose have training and professional skills that meet the requirements of Quebec’s labour market can be eligible for the Regular Skilled Worker Program. Other factors that are considered include age, education, work experience, language proficiency, job offer (if any), spouse skills and number of children (if the candidate’s spouse and/or children are accompanying them to Canada). Points are assigned to each candidate based on all of these factors. In order to be considered, candidates must score at least 50 points (if migrating without a spouse/partner) or 59 points (if migrating with a spouse/partner).

Application Process

  1. Submit an online Expression of Interest, which contains information required for profile assessment.
  2. Those whose profile matches the province’s requirements, and who can be integrated in the local labour market, receive invitations to apply for permanent selection.
  3. Within 60 days of receiving an invitation, submit an application for permanent selection, followed by supporting documents and fees.
  4. Subsequently, candidates must obtain an attestation of having learnt about Quebec’s values and democratic values.
  5. Complete applications are processed within 6 months. If approved, the applicant and included family members (if any) receive the Quebec Selection Certificate.
  6. The selected workers must apply for permanent Residence (PR) to Canada’s federal immigration department – Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada – which grants the Canada PR visa to eligible Quebec-selected skilled workers.

Why Choose Visa Experts?

The Quebec immigration process is very detail-oriented and involves several steps. The documentation requirements and deadlines are very strict, which makes it necessary for aspirants to minimize the scope of error as much as possible. This is why many aspirants seek professional assistance. Our legitimate and experienced consultants provide expert support for verifying and enhancing eligibility, preparing documents, and submitting a complete application for permanent selection and PR.

To safeguard your application, we offer authorized representation through a licensed RCIC agent, in compliance with the Canadian government’s regulatory requirements. This makes us one of the few consultancies in India that are legally qualified to represent your immigration application in Canada. To plan and pursue your journey to Quebec, contact our consultants by calling (+91) 859 533 8595 or writing to [email protected].

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