UK to Introduce New Points Based System 

If you are wishing to migrate to the UK? Good News for all the immigration aspirants!! According to UK Government’s declaration, from 1st Jan 2021 onwards EU and non-EU citizens will be treated equally for the migration. UK will re-structure the immigration level and give first preference to those professionals with highest skills and greatest talents - scientists, engineers, academics and other highly-skilled workers.
What are the proposals made by UK Govt?
  • UK will introduce a points-based system immigration system that will allow the country to choose best talents from mainly India and China.
  • Under the "points-based system", predominantly skills and language factors will be taken into consideration to permit the skilled professionals in UK.
  • The proposed points system is designed in-line with the Immigration process of Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Applicants will have to meet the eligibility criteria points of 70 under different factors such as UK Job Offer, Language Proficiency, high education qualifications and high-paying job offer from UK.
Under the UK Points Based System , there are primarily four "tiers" of visa application:
  • Students
  • Temporary workers
  • Skilled workers
  • "High-value" migrants (people with "exceptional talent" or investors)
Along with the aforementioned categories, there are other types of visas such as family visas (spouses and relatives).
How UK Points Based System works?

Below is the points break-up for all the applicants applying for UK immigration:
  • Applicants with English Language Proficiency - 10 points
  • Candidates with a job offer or sponsorship - 20 points
  • If the job has proper skill level - 20 points
  • UK’s Job salary range from £20,480 to £23,039 - 0 points (However, will be eligible)
  • UK’s Job salary range between £23,040 to £25,599 - 10 points
  • UK’s Job salary range is more than £25,600 - 20 points
  • If UK job falls under the shortage occupation list - 20 points
  • Applicant having PhD Qualification - 10 points
  • Applicant having PhD degree in STEM (science, technology, engineering or maths) - 20 points
  1. Skill level: The applicant must bring the skills threshold down from RQF6 (Bachelors) to RQF3 (Level A). Higher education diploma
  2. To be eligible, applicant must score 70 points from the aforementioned parameters
What are UK Immigration routes?

Under the new point based system, UK immigration from India will become swiftest and accessible due to consideration of skilled workers from NON-EU countries. Below are the proposed routes:


  • Sponsored Route: This is an Employer led system wherein applicants have to acquire the job offer from the UK employer
  1. Must acquire Job offer from approved sponsor in UK
  2. The job must be under the required skill level
  3. Must be fluent in English Language
  4. Must acquire the job with minimum salary threshold
  • Global Talent route: The stream will be opened to those highly skilled professional who can meet the required level of points. They can come to UK without a job offer, if they are sponsored by competent body.
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