All you need to know about USA Visit Visa

All you need to know about USA Visit Visa

Indians are the second-largest immigrant group in the USA comprising of around 6% of its total population. Therefore, many Indians may have several reasons to apply for USA visit visa. They may be having their loved ones settled there or many Indians visit the country for recreation and tourism. One would always want to roam through the astonishing concrete jungles of New York, marvelous Los Angeles and the happening Las Vegas. Other important reasons are business related visits, educational or scientific seminars and other purposeful work.

The USA Visit Visa or “B visa” has been classified into two categories, which are –

  • American Visa B1 – This visa is primarily issues for business purposes of legitimate nature. Please do note that you are not allowed to work on any B visa
  • American Visa B2 – This visa is issued when the applicant is visiting USA for tourism and recreational purposes.

Terms and Conditions:

As an applicant, you should be aware of the conditions that come along with the USA visit visa –

  • You cannot accept employment or work in USA on B1/B2 visa. Neither can you study, conduct a paid performance, work as a foreign press in any form of journalism
  • This visa will not be issued for birth tourism
  • The intention must be well defined to the authorities. There is no guarantee of USA visit visa approval. It is considerably dependent upon the immigration officers’ discretion, therefore, do not make the reservation until visa approval
  • You should be able to convince that you will return to your home country and the authorities should not doubt that you are using this visa for US Immigration
  • There must be enough funds with you to undertake the travel and bear expenses in USA for stay, travel and food etc.
  • The validity of B visa is ranges from one month to 10 years. However, after single entry a maximum stay of 180 days is recorded by the Customs and Border Protection Officer

Process and the Interview:

The process for a USA visa is similar to other countries where you have to apply and submit the application along with the necessary documents. Upon receiving the application, you will be assigned an interview date.

For a USA Visit Visa, the interview play a significant as the officer will judge you for your approval in the interview itself. Be honest and confident and do not provide any misleading or confusing statements.


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