Australia Immigration – Gateway to Paradise

Australia immigration is composed of several unique elements which makes it one of the best countries to live in. These elements diverse cultural society, high standards of living, growth opportunities, better health care and education facilities, favorable climatic conditions, booming economic conditions. The country knows how to treat its citizens by providing full permission to live, study, and work in one of the most flourishing economies in the world.
Australia Immigration

The country offers the right opportunity for all the skilled professionals and specialists to showcase their expertise for the benefit of the nation by simply undergoing the point test criteria. Not only skilled professionals, even successful business professionals can also mark their strong presence in the Australian Economy by either making an investment in an existing company or establish their own venture in the country. The country has all the benefits that everybody aspires for!!

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Benefits of Australia Immigration

  • Permanent visa: Upon becoming permanent resident of Australia, your family is also entitled to receive all the bundle of Social benefits. You and your family can travel unlimited to other countries of your choice without any limitations whatsoever.
  • Employment opportunities: The country is host to provide several employment and entrepreneur opportunities for those who possess required skills to meet the skill demand of the country. The people migrating to Australia will have numerous ways to earn the money where they can fit right in society.
  • Child Benefits: It offers good and pleasant environment for the children to grow in a community that has been proved as the 2nd best place to live in the world predominantly for children. Immigrants can enjoy the best health care and education facilities to provide for their children.
  • Living Standard: Probably, the biggest reason for everyone to immigrate to Australia is the high living standard. The housing policy and accommodation of the country is very affordable and pocket-friendly as compared to the other countries.
  • Low cost of Living: In Australia, one can find the prices of everyday items very low but retaining the good quality. Australia has become very affordable for the people of every strata who live with peace and harmony among others.
Australia Immigration Pathways

Below are the pathways engineered for Australian Immigration:
Australia Immigration Eligibility Criteria

To enjoy all the benefits of Australia Immigration, you must suffice the Australia visa requirements detailed below:
  • Age - Must be under 50 years at the time you apply
  • English language – Must possess proficiency in the English language to work in Australia which is evaluated by International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
  • Qualifications – Must demonstrate relevant skills and qualifications as per the requirement of the country. 
  • Nominated occupation – Apply to nominate your skilled occupation as per your skills and qualifications. Your nominated occupation must be under Australia Skilled Occupations List
  • Skills assessment – Prior to apply, must get your skills assessed by the Australian assessing authority designated to assess your nominated occupation. 
  • Health assessment – Must undergo a medical assessment to validate good health condition. 
  • Character assessment – Must authenticate your good character and criminal record check.
Minimum Points Required for Australia Immigration

Australia has a point-based immigration system which grants the potential applicants to migrate to Australia under the skilled migration visas. To meet the Australia immigration requirements, the minimum point criteria is clocked at 65, applicable from 1st July, 2018 onwards. The point criteria consist of various factors namely - age, educational qualification, work experience, relevant skills, language ability and other factors. Below is the minimum Points Required:
  • 65 points:                    Invitation will take more than year
  • 70 points:                    Invitation within 5-6 months
  • 75-80 points:              Invitation within 0-1 months
Australia Immigration Process and Processing Time

Australia is blessed with an excellent Quality of Life coupled with low cost of living which makes it a hot prospect, and it is easy to comprehend that Australia has an easy-going immigration system and straightforward immigration norms. Below is the Australia immigration process for those who eyes for the Australia Immigration:
  • Occupation List: First check your chosen occupation is on the Australia Skilled Occupation List to proceed with the application.
  • Points Criteria: Calculate the points based on your age, educational qualification, work experience, relevant skills, language ability and other factors and score minimum 65 points.
  • Skills Assessment: Next is to get your skills assessment from the appropriate assessing authority in Australia to be eligible to work.
  • Filing the Application: Submit an Expression of Interest in SkillSelect Account with all the relevant details.
  • Documents: Keep your entire educational, employment, medical, PCC, Bank documents ready.
  • Final Application: After receiving the Invitation, must apply for Visa within 60 days of the receipt.
Australia Immigration Points System

Australian Immigration Points Calculator system functions in a unique way when it comes to assess an applicant’s eligibility and immigration to Australia. Applicants can avail the maximum points between 25 to 32 years, and can score higher with the higher IELTS score. For work experience and education qualifications, higher the better. 
Immigrate to Australia from India

Australia has always lauded the significant contribution made by the growing Indian community in the country. The Indian community in Australia is known as vibrant, strong, capable enough to make an incredible contribution to the economy and society on the whole. The Indian nationals who migrated to Australia have made the strong presence and are very much successful thus becoming a greater part of the Australia family. As per statistics data 2016, Indian population in Australia has increased to 460,000, up from 295,362 in Census 2011. Melbourne has been the top favorite for Indian migrants according to the data recorded.
Australia Immigration Policy and Rules

Productivity commission once said, “Immigration is a defining feature of Australia’s economic and social life,”. It is estimated that country’s population would reach 40 million by the middle of the century. And, Australia’s immigration policy is its de facto population policy as per the productivity commission.
Over the two decades, India and China has emerged as the largest countries of origin for permanent migrants in Australia.
Australia Immigration Cost

Below is the break for the entire Australia Immigration Cost for an applicant from India:
  • Visa Application fee: Primary Applicant is 3755 AUD (1,88,00 INR) 
                                           Spouse is 1875 AUD (95,000 INR)
                                           Per child 940 AUD (50,000 INR)
  • Skills Assessment Fee: 300 to 1,050 AUD for occupations (15000 INR to 55000 INR)
  • IELTS Test: 210 AUD (13500 to 13800 INR)
  • Medical Examination: 5000 to 6000 INR
  • Police Clearance Certificate Fee: 500 INR
  • Translations and Document Certification Charges: 500 AUD (25000 INR)

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