To provide individuals, families, corporates and law firms, with stress-free, seamless and personalised immigration, visa, business consulting and legal outsourcing solutions to destinations around the world.


To be the first choice among customers and a global leader in providing immigration and visa solutions. We are committed to delivering world-class customer services and quality, through well-trained knowledgeable and experienced professionals, backed by superior technology nad processes. We pride at conducting business in an ethical, transparent and fair manner. We will maintain our reputation for upholding the highest standards of integrity.

Why may ask, Why Immigrate?

Obviously it is a life changing decision and one thinks twice before taking the leap. But it is also an opportunity to knock on the future that is bright and welcoming. Going from one country to another is not easy but this conscious decision can be the reason to not only help build a new prospect but also try new avenues by chasing your lifelong dreams. A dream, that needs new wings and new pastures, to fully bloom and prosper. Just like a flamingo does, seamlessly travel to find new hopes of better dwelling.
You get to enjoy a great quality of life in a society where women feel safe all the time, whether in or out of the house. You live in a community where laws of the land are respected and everyone is treated equally and fairly. You live in a country where taxes you pay are used for building world-class infrastructure, looking after – through social security benefits like unemployment allowance and old age pension, free or highly subsidized medical facilities, child allowances, top of the line educational facilities - you and your family. You and your family live amidst almost non-existent pollution, healthyenvironment. You can actually buy a house because of low and affordable low interest rates. And you don’t need to doubt the quality of vegetable and fruits that you buy or water that you use in daily life. So…why not immigrate?
Because immigration can be a hope of better future, seamless lifestyle, freedom of expression, achieving dreams and owning new yet your kind of happiness.
So fly seamlessly to your dream country, because that’s what a flamingo would do!

Forging Caring Relationship

Visa Experts specializes in providing a wide range of customized immigration and visa services to individuals, families and organizations. A pioneer in the Immigration industry, Visa Experts brings together an unmatched combination: Team with over 700 years of combined global immigration consulting experience, a deep understanding of the intricacies of immigration, personalized service offering and a team which is passionate as well as professional.
No matter what your immigration and visa challenge, our experts will find you a solution.

Fly like a Flamingo!

The gigantic, beautiful migratory flamingos are symbolic of flying seamlessly to their destinations. No hassles, no disturbance and no plight as they glide smoothly in the air. They are a symbol of flexibility, strength and smoothness depicting a beautiful transition of high-class travel on the backdrop of grey skies. Likewise with Visa Experts you enjoy a streamlined journey, as seamless as flamingo.

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Our Experience

700+ Years of Industry Experience 700+ Years of Industry Experience


Years of combined industry experienced team.

15+ Countries offered as immigration destinations 15+ Countries offered as immigration destinations


Countries offered as immigration destinations.

Residence & Non-Residence Visa Residence & Non-Residence Visa


Residency and non-residency visa options for skilled, Business and investor categories.

Lacs + Offered immigration advise over the Years Lacs + Offered immigration advise over the Years


Offered immigration advise over the Years.

Since 1994 Over two decades of exceptional service. Since 1994 Over two decades of exceptional service.

Since 1994

Over two decades of exceptional service.

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