FAQ - Why hiring Visaexperts  is the Best Choice as an Immigration Consultant?

Who is Colin R. Singer?

  • Colin R. Singer is a top-ranking Canadian immigration attorney.
  • CCIRC – His well-reputed law firm in Canada comprises an expert team of 30 trained immigration specialists.
  • For more information regarding his accomplishments and recognitions, kindly visit his Wikipedia page and his profile on www.immigration.ca.
What are the advantages of selecting a Canadian Immigration attorney over an RCIC agent?
  • Lawyers are the most highly qualified authorized representatives for Canadian visa application.
  • An immigration lawyer must complete a Degree in Law over three years of academic study, pass the bar examination and undergo rigorous work experience to gain their qualification.
  • An immigration attorney is a licensed legal professional, who has received formal training and is supervised by a regulatory body.
  • For clients of Abhinav Outsourcings, a 30-member team of Canadian immigration lawyers supervises each step of the procedure – from submission to follow-up and management of the application.
  • If a Request of Evidence is demanded by the RCIC, it will be addressed through a response written by an immigration lawyer, bearing the letterhead of Colin R. Singer's law offices.
  • The legitimacy and accuracy of this response cannot be matched by any other authorized representative.
How can this affiliation enhance a Canada visa application?
  • By availing this service, you will be able to access Colin R. Singer’s expertise, and leverage the knowledge of his 25 years as a practitioner of Canadian immigration law.
  • With the added advantage of Abhinav Outsourcings’ 25 years of experience, you will unlock the unique combination of expert consultation and legal advisory services.
  • A team comprising 30 lawyers, consultants and technical staff in Canada, as well as 300 immigration experts at Abhinav Outsourcings in India will serve your application.
  • Colin R. Singer is the founder of Immigration.ca – the most credible online resource for Canadian Immigration. He brings on-board a wealth of knowledge regarding the immigration process.
  • After thorough review, your application will be filed by Colin R. Singer’s law offices.
  • All correspondence during the process will bear the attorney’s letterhead. If required, the attorney can represent your case in a court of law.
How does this affiliation compare to the services of our competitors?

In affiliation with the law offices of Mr. Colin R. Singer, Abhinav Outsourcings has been established as the most reliable immigration consultancy in India. This is a unique association with a Canadian immigration lawyer, being conducted at an unprecedented scale.
  • It is essential to select a consultant who is qualified to act as an authorized representative – which includes licensed lawyers, ICCRC members and notaries.
  • In this regard, our services should not be compared to those offered by amateur agencies and operators who do not guarantee authorized representation.
  • Clients of Abhinav Outsourcings will sign a Retainer Agreement that carries the name of Mr. Colin R Singer
  • While searching for an ideal immigration consultancy, please thoroughly review the agreement prior to making a payment. The agreement must bear the name and contact details of an authorized representative, or be signed in the name of an authorized representative.
  • The Canadian government only recognizes consultancies that have an authorized representative on-board. Many fraudulent consultants do not offer this service.
  • Certain consultancies mislead clients by assuring RCIC representation and using the ICCRC (regulatory body for RCIC agents) logo on their marketing platforms and during interactions with immigration aspirants. However, the agreement signed by the client may not mention the details of the RCIC or immigration lawyer.  
  • There are no hidden costs involved in the fee quoted by Abhinav Outsourcings. Our transparent pricing policy is unlike competitors who may quote a different fee structure to clients who demand authorized representation.
  • Clients can choose to avail our services for a one or two year period, based on the agreement. To prioritize the convenience of clients, we offer payment in installments and down-payment options.
  • Mr. Colin R Singer’s team of immigration lawyers in Canada will carry out all required communication with visa authorities, which eliminates the risk of correspondence being lost or ignored.
  • Our bouquet of services includes all Provincial Nominee Programs.
  • This package also includes unmatched job search assistance, which includes floating your resume on our dedicated job portal (www.jobsvisas.com) – which is set to be launched in the near future – free of cost for the tenure of the contract (one-two years). This platform will be a point of contact between our clients and prospective international employers seeking overseas workers. In contrast, competitors quote prices ranging from INR 20,000 to INR 25,000 to provide job assistance services for only 45-60 days.
  • Additional services including Personal Branding and online IELTS coaching are also offered to our clients.
What questions should be asked before availing the services of an Immigration consultant or lawyer?
Certain questions must be answered to identify a genuine immigration consultant:
  • Does the company have an authorized representative (Immigration Lawyer/RCIC agent) on-board?
  • The business manager or staff member must be able to provide the name and authorization details of such representative.
  • Kindly ask if the Retainer Agreement to be signed with the consultancy carries the name and contact details of the authorized representative.
  • It is necessary to enquire if they charge a different fee structure for authorized representation.  
Is the fee charged for the immigration lawyer representation more than the price point for RCIC representation or higher than the charges of consultants who do not have a representative on-board?

Please perceive the cost incurred during the immigration process as an investment instead of an expense. Any error made by inexperienced consultants can drain your resources. Our fee has been designed keeping in mind the following factors:
  • Abhinav Outsourcings and Colin R. Singer offer the unique advantage of 50 combined years of experience in the immigration industry, as well as the expertise of 30 immigration lawyers in Canada, and more than 300 immigration experts in India.
  • Licensed immigration lawyers will supervise every step of the application procedure.
  • The trained process team at Abhinav Outsourcings works until 20.00 hours (8 PM IST), which allows coordination with our Canadian counterparts, and ensures that the client’s queries and concerns will be addressed after normal working hours.
  • Our unique Job Portalwww.jobsvisas.com – will soon be launched, to connect overseas workers with international employers, at no additional cost throughout the one or two year duration of the contract. Other consultancies offer only 45-60 days of job assistance services at a cost of INR 20,000 to INR 25,000.
  • Our bouquet of services includes filing of all Provincial Nominee Programs.

Will the services of an immigration lawyer guarantee approval of a visa application by Canadian immigration authorities?
  • A consultancy that guarantees visa approval based on the services of any authorized representative is providing false assurances to the client.
  • The approval of an application is dependent on the eligibility of the candidate. The visa outcome is entirely determined by the federal immigration authority (IRCC). However, the value addition services offered by Abhinav Outsourcings can help to improve the CRS score of an applicant.
  • Additionally, the legal expertise of an immigration lawyer enhances accuracy and precision in the application process, which cannot be matched by an immigration consultancy, RCIC agent or unaccredited independent consultants and operators.
  • An application submitted by the offices of an immigration attorney provides a competitive edge over other applicants.
I had previously tried to contact Colin R. Singer’s law office. Does this affiliation provide access to his legal counsel and allow contact with his office?
  • If you have registered a query with Colin R. Singer’s firm and immigration.ca previously, but did not receive a response, kindly understand that they are contacted by a great number of immigration aspirants who have diverse queries and concerns. It is not logistically feasible for them to issue a response to each query.
  • The firm caters to a highly exclusive group of clients. Abhinav Outsourcings allows you to enter the privileged group of applicants who are served by Colin R. Singer’s team.
  • While the difference between the Canadian and Indian time zones could cause a delay in responding to queries, our process team works from 6 PM to 8 PM IST to communicate with the lawyers in Canada, and allow clients to receive their guidance.

Can the fee be reduced if I do not want the services of an immigration lawyer?

Unlike competitors in the market, we do not offer distinct fee structures that don’t include authorised representation. By paying a lower fee, you might compromise on the quality of service. In contrast, our diverse range of services guarantees:
  1. 50 combined years of industry experience.
  2. The supervision and expertise of a leading immigration attorney – Mr. Colin R Singer – and his team.
  3. Flexible services and support for long-distance visa applicants who cannot visit our offices in India.
  4. Job search assistance which can result in improving the CRS score of a client, and enhance the chances of visa approval.

The goodwill, experience and trust earned by Abhinav Outsourcings, in combination with the expertise of a leading immigration attorney, offers you an unparalleled advantage in the pursuit of Canada immigration.

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