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If you are planning to immigrate, then you’re probably thinking of Canada, and it’s definitely encouraging. Canada is an extremely beautiful country with amazing benefits in terms of job, quality of life, education, higher income, and more. As an immigrant friendly nation, Canada has established a niche for itself when it comes to inviting immigrants and providing them opportunities to live a fulfilling life. In fact, Canada is all set to welcome 980,000 aspirants by the end of 2020 for permanent residency. This clearly depicts that people have more chances to start their Canada immigration process and plan a better future for them and their family.
What are the Benefits of Canada Immigration?
As the most popular country for immigration, Canada offers numerous advantages to its permanent residents as well as citizens. Let’s take a look at them all:

  • Get settled with your family permanently
  • Able to study, live, and work in any part of Canada
  • Access to healthcare and several other social benefits, such as medical, social security, insurance, etc.
  • Have access to growing career opportunities and free medical facilities and education system.
  • Benefit of low crime rate and high standard of living
  • Can avail for a Canadian citizen after completing two years in Canada.
Know if you are Eligible to apply for Canada PR Visa
Below are the eligibility requirements one must satisfy in order to move to Canada as permanent residents: 
  • The primary applicant must be aged between 25- 35 to obtain maximum points.
  • Must provide a proof of language proficiency in any of Canada’s official languages- English or French. For English, IELTS is one of the most popular and acceptable tests for Canada immigration.
  • The candidate must have completed an Education Credential Assessment process to confirm the equivalency of their education with Canada’s qualifications. 
  • Have a relevant work experience of working in an occupation listed in Skilled Occupation List in Canada.
  • Be in good health and have cleared a medical exam, if necessary.
  • Must have sufficient funds to support themselves and family during their initial days in Canada.
What are the Immigration Programs for Canada?
Below are some of the popular ways through which one can choose to migrate to Canada permanently. They are described as follows:
Express Entry System- Express Entry is one of the fastest and easiest ways to immigrate to Canada. Introduced in January 2015 by the Federal Government of Canada, it’s an online tool that provides an objective and fair assessment of an applicant’s profile for all streams related to economic immigration.
The express entry system governs three more immigration categories. They are described below:
Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)- Canada comprises ten provinces and three territories, each of which has its own immigration programs and criteria to qualify. Together they are known as Provincial Nominee Programs.
Quebec Immigration- Known as the French province of Canada, Quebec is a distinct Canadian province that comes with its own set of immigration policies, guidelines, and Canada PR requirements. The Quebec immigration stream is not linked with the Express Entry system; therefore, the prospective applicant must directly apply to the Government of Quebec under categories such as, Quebec Skilled Worker Program, The Quebec Experience Class, or Quebec Business Immigration.   
Student Pathway- Canada is a great destination for international students planning to settle permanently in Canada. Having a Canadian education means incredible employment opportunities as well as permanent residency to Canada. Through this pathway, an international student may apply for the Canada PR via Canada Experience Class or Federal Skilled Worker Class. Not only this, the prospective applicant is also eligible for Quebec Immigration and Provincial Nominations.
Family Sponsorship Streams- If you have a loved one or a family member who is already a permanent resident or citizen in Canada, then you are eligible to apply for Canada visa under this stream. The visa category can be further divided into two pathways:
  • Spousal Sponsorship
  • Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship
Apart from the above-mentioned, one can also apply for the following visa programs. They are:
  • Canada Tourist Visa
  • Canada Business Investor Visa
  • Morden Immigration

What is Canada Immigration Points Calculator?
The Canada immigration points calculator is a comprehensive tool that allows highly-skilled professionals to immigrate to Canada seamlessly. The system grants Canada immigration points based on the answers you provide while submitting the Express entry profile. Points are gives on the basis of age, educational qualification, work experience, language skills, etc. The points you obtain determines whether you’ll be invited to apply further for Canada permanent residency visa or not.
A Comprehensive Ranking Score is used to evaluate the points under the Express Entry. The online tool can help you calculate your Canada immigration points without any hassle.
What are the Minimum Points Required for Canada Immigration?
In order to get a PR for Canada, you must be able to score at least minimum points according to the program you are seeking to apply. Every visa program in Canada has its own requirements for scoring the required points for Canada immigration.  Factors against which an applicant’s eligibility is ranked are-age, work experience, language skills, education, skills transferability, spouse or common-law partner. Apart from this, several other factors are also considered while calculating the scores. They are-Canadian degrees/diplomas/certificates, Canadian work experience, French language skills, nomination from a province or a territory, a valid job offer from a Canadian employer, etc. 
The Express Entry point calculator system has a total of 1200 points, and the candidate must score approximately 500 points in the draw. 
What is the Processing time for Canada Immigration?
The processing time for permanent residency to Canada depends upon the type of visa application you are applying for or whether you have submitted the required documents or not. However, in general it takes around a period of 6 months for an application to be processed for immigration to Canada from India.  
Applications for programs such as Canada PNPs take around 4 to 12 months, while Quebec programs take around 15 to 17 months. 

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