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A Sneak Peek in to all about Canada Immigration
With Canada planning to call 350,000 newcomers as permanent residents every year, the Maple leaf nation is set to become one of the biggest hubs for immigrant influx. From bubbling employment opportunities, high standard of living and a place of diversities co-existing together beautifully, Canada is the ideal place when you think of quality immigration along with your family.

Immigrants are the backbone of Canadian economy, which is why the nation is open to calling skilled and talented workforce. When you migrate to Canada you are promised a lifetime of quality education at their world class schools and universities, free healthcare and medical services.

Also as a permanent resident Canada you get showered with social security perks such as unemployment allowance, employment insurance, child aid and support, public pension as well as maternity, family related as well as disability benefits. Eventually, when you stay there for a continuous period of a minimum of 3 years you can apply for Canadian citizenship as well.  

What are the Perks of becoming a Canada PR?

 Canada has been a tinder box of advantages for immigrants who arrive to this multicultural nation to live a life a smooth life filled with comforts and opportunities:

  • You can move to Canada with your family on a permanent basis
  • You can live, work and study anywhere in Canada
  • You have access to free universal education for children below 18 at public funded schools as well as subsidized tuition fees at university level as well as loads of scholarship opportunities that you cannot miss.
  • Access to free healthcare and medical services due to which you get covered when it comes to paying huge medical bills otherwise. World class medical assistance is what you get when you are a Canada permanent resident.
  • Crime rate is low with Canada being ranked as one of the topmost safest countries
  • Canada is bestowed with some of the most beautiful landscapes from pristine mountain peaks to glaciers and lush green cover. Much of Canada is still undiscovered and holds immense beauty within its folds.
  • The nation has one of the sturdiest, resilient and progressive economies of the world giving chance for overseas skilled professionals to come and grab a lucrative employment opportunity.
  • Becoming a Canada PR means opening the pathway to apply for Canadian citizenship after residing there for a minimum of 3 years.
Are you eligible to apply for Canada PR visa? Here are the top requirements! 

Want to migrate Canada as a permanent resident? Fulfil these eligibility requirements for a quicker application processing:  

  • To procure maximum points on the Canada point system the applicant should be aged between 25-35 years of age while applying via any of the immigration pathways.
  • You must prove your proficiency in English or French language, IELTS being one of the most popular and acceptable language proficiency tests of Canada.
  • You should have also finished the process of your Educational Credential Assessment to substantiate your educational qualifications are equivalent to Canadian standards.
  • You must have a relevant experience of work in an occupation which is present on the updates Skilled Occupation list of Canada which is updated as per the local labour requirements of that Canadian province.
  • Character as well as health certifications to establish the person is of sound moral character having no previous criminal records and is of sound health before they come to Canada.
  • Should have enough funds to support themselves as well as their families when they arrive in Canada.
  • Have a valid job offer from a certified Canadian employer as well as being able to adapt in any of the Canadian provinces.
  • Scoring 67 points or more on the Canada point system based on the above mentioned factors.
  • Being able to get an impressive cut-off CRS score of every provincial draw.
Best Immigration Pathways for getting permanent residency in Canada
Here are some of the popular routes of Canada immigration as a permanent resident with all the benefits:

Express Entry System: Launched in 2015 by the Federal Government of Canada Express Entry an online immigration application system that permits aspirants to submit their profiles and be chosen by the IRCC as a skilled immigrant eligible to be a permanent resident of Canada. The system takes care of three main chief economic class immigration programs namely:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canadian Experience Class
Provincial Nominee Programs: Canada constitutes of ten provinces and three territories, with every one of them having their own separate immigration programs and requirements to be eligible. This is mainly based on the local labour requirement and current in demand occupation of that province, based on which applicants are send out nominations, so that they can apply for Canada PR via that province.

Quebec Immigration: Also, known as the French Capital of Canada, they have their very own immigration pathway with their own set of policies, guidelines as well as eligibility requirements. The Express entry system is in no way linked to the Quebec immigration route, which means that the interested applicant should directly apply to the Quebec Government under Quebec Skilled Worker Program, the Quebec Experience Class or even Quebec Business Immigration.

Pathway for Students: If you move to Canada as an international student there are high chances of you securing promising employment opportunities. Eventually you can even be eligible to apply for Canada PR via the Canada Experience Class or even the Federal Skilled Worker class when you gain experience whilst pursuing your studies, and is favoured more among the employers when they hire overseas talent.

Streams for Family Sponsorship: Have a family member or a near one residing in Canada as a citizen or a permanent resident? If yes, you are eligible to apply for permanent residence Canada under this family sponsorship stream. This category of visas can be further be classified in to the following:

  • Spousal Sponsorship
  • Parent and Grandparent visa sponsorship
Decoding Canada Immigration Points Calculator

The point’s calculator of Canada is a comprehensive tool which helps you tally points based on multiple factors of age, work experience, proficiency in English or French language, educational experience, as well as genuine intention to live, work and economically establish themselves in Canada. The point’s tally you score are a chief determinant of whether or not you will be invited to apply for Canada PR visa by the IRCC. Under the Express Entry system, the Comprehensive Ranking score is used to assess your points.

Processing time for Canada PR visa

The time that will be taken to process your Canada permanent residency depends on the kind of application you are submitting as well as whether or not you have entirely submitted all the required documents. Any error while filling the work or leaving out of an important document can lead to delay or even rejection of your Canada PR visa application.  Though generally it takes a duration of 6 months for processing of a Canada PR visa application. Canada PNP application can take between 4 to 12 months for processing while Quebec immigration programs can take up to 15 to 17 months.

Want any more queries about Canada immigration? Get in touch with certified immigration consultants from the immigration industry stalwarts, Abhinav Immigration Services For further support and assistance call us at (+91) 859 533 8595 or mail us at [email protected].

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