Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP)

Nova Scotia is the most beautiful yet peaceful province in Canada lauded for lengthy coastline, sandy beaches, lush green fields, plump islands, and high sea-cliffs. Pretty and pleasing, the province of Nova Scotia is a hub to a diverse population of happy and loving folks who celebrate life and live a peaceful life.
Considering the beauty and hospitable nature of the province, thousands of people across the world apply for Nova Scotia Immigration through Nova Scotia PNP (provincial nominee program). For so many years, immigration has been playing a pivotal role in driving its population as well as its economical growth. In recent years, the province of Nova Scotia has been putting a lot of efforts in attracting and retaining talented skilled workers who can fuel the province’s growth and development. 

Nova Scotia is enveloped by the serene beauty of the rolling sea, luscious green forests, lakes and farmland. It’s the 2nd most densely populated province after Prince Edwards Island, which boats an aspiring quality of life which is disappearing in much of the Northern Americas.

The NSNP stream aims to provide Canada PR visa by appointing a prospective immigrant who possesses the required skills and experience with a Nova Scotia Provincial Nomination Certificate.

What is the Nova Scotia Nominee Program Process 2024?
If you are seriously considering about moving to Canada as a provincial nominee, you’re probably familiar with Nova Scotia PNP Program. Believe it or not, it is one of the most popular and preferred provincial nominee programs designed to target foreign nationals with right skills and experience in high-demand occupations. 
What are the different NSNP Categories?

Below-mentioned are some of the popular categories under Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program:
Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry- It’s an immigration stream used by the Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) to select people with a valid work experience in high-demand occupations, or with a job offer from an employer in Nova Scotia. Having an active Express Entry profile is necessary for this stream. Candidates also need to demonstrate a solid education background as well as work experience of at least one year in certain occupations.
In case you don’t have an Express Entry profile, you can submit the application directly to the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration. Either ways you will still require an Express Entry Profile number along with a Job Seeker Validation Code within five days of submitting your application, or else your application will be rejected.
Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry can be further divided into two additional categories:

  • Category A- To quality under the Category A, candidates are to obtain a valid full-time job offer from a local Nova Scotian employer. The category is a bit complicated as it’s difficult for people to get a job while living outside the province.
  • Category B- Category B does not require a candidate to receive a job offer from the province, however, it’s important for the candidates to show at least 12 months of experience in one of the province’s in-demand occupations. Many candidates with an active Express Entry Profile may apply for this category and get a Permanent Resident Canada.
Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities- The pathway is designed invite candidates who have a profile in the federal Express Entry system and who can successfully meet the ongoing provincial labour market needs. Qualified candidates receive a Letter of Interest from the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration along with 600 additional CRS points under Canada point system.
This stream prioritizes only those candidates who have demonstrated work experience in occupations that are currently in-demand or those with competent language skills.
Skilled Worker Stream- The skilled worker stream allows employers in Nova Scotia to hire talented workers or international graduates who skills are required in the province. The employers can recruit foreign nationals for roles for which there is a shortage of local talent. Candidates who are interested in skilled, semi-skilled, or low-skilled occupations are eligible to apply for this visa pathway.
Entrepreneur Stream- The Entrepreneur Stream targets high net-worth individuals or entrepreneurs who wish to establish a new business or buy an existing business in Nova Scotia. If you are an experienced business owner or a senior management professional intending to permanently settle in Nova Scotia may apply for this program. The migration stream comprises both permanent and temporary residence program, wherein qualified candidates are required to successfully run a business in Nova Scotia. Qualified candidates are issued a valid work permit for a year before they receive a nomination for Canada permanent residence.
The Entrepreneur stream for Nova Scotia immigration is aligned with Express Entry system.
International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream- The stream welcomes International students or recent international graduates who have completed a post-secondary education in the last two years from a recognized University in Nova Scotia. Applicants applying under this stream must be committed to permanently settle in Nova Scotia.
This stream is aligned with Express Entry that allows applicants to submit an Expression of Interest. They are then awarded points based on information they provide at the time of profile creation. Candidates who receive the highest ranks are invited to apply further for the program by the NSNP.
What are the Minimum Requirements to be Eligible for the NSNP?
Although, every pathway under the Nova Scotia Nominee Program comes with its own guidelines and eligibility criteria to determine who should be accepted under the program. However, below is a list minimum requirement that is applicable with every visa stream. Some of the them are described below:
  • Your chosen occupation must be in-demand
  • You must be aged between 18-49 years
  • Must demonstrate relevant education or qualification that is at par with the Canadian education system.
  • Must demonstrate proficient English-speaking levels through an approved language test.
  • Must have at least one year of work experience in a relevant occupational field.
  • Must be committed to live and work in Nova Scotia.

 Nova Scotia PNP IELTS Requirements
If you wish to migrate to Canada via Nova Scotia PNP route, then you must establish proficiency in the English language, which is the most spoken language in Nova Scotia. For this, it is mandatory for all applicants to take an approved IELTS test and score a minimum of CLB7 across all segments to increase their chances of getting nominated.
Nova Scotia PNP Point System
The Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program is a great opportunity for highly-skilled professionals who are passionate to call this province their home. However, in order to successfully qualify for this program, one must claim at least 67 points or more in the assessment grid. These points must be calculated based on a number of factors such as age, education, work experience, IELTS score, arranged employment, etc.
Nova Scotia PNP Processing Time
The processing times for NSNP applications entirely depends on the visa pathway you opt for. Generally, the processing times for eligible candidates is about three months or sometimes more.

Benefits of moving to Nova-Scotia

  • Also known as "Canada's oceanic playground", Nova Scotia is spread across the coastline.
  • Halifax has one of Canada's strongest economies with lower unemployment rates.
  • The cost of living in Nova Scotia is quite affordable, that according to the Canada immigration news, the average value of buying a house in Nova Scotia was $201,991, as compared to $345,182 in other provinces.
  • World-class Health Care System with relatively low crime rates.
  • A hot-spot for top-notch education system.
  • Canada leads the G8 countries in low business costs out of which four centers in Nova Scotia are ranked among the top 10 in the country.
  • The economy is based on traditional sectors such as natural resources, tourism and hospitality, health care and research, manufacturing, as well as the newer fields in information and computer technology.
  • Nova Scotia has a thriving IT sector and facilitates instant communication around the world.
Nova Scotia PNP without Job Offer
Majority of our clients are concerned about it whether they can actually move to Nova Scotia without a job offer. The answer is yes. Nova Scotia has well-designed and structured immigration pathways in place to welcome skilled professionals without any job offer. However, their occupation must fall under in-demand list of occupation in Categories ‘O’, ‘A’ or ‘B’ as per the National Occupations Classification (NOC).
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