Canada Visit Visa

What is Canada Visit Visa?

Going to Canada can be very fascinating. However, to experience the magnificence of this country, one must first apply for the Visitor or Temporary Residence visa and understand the other formalities involved to make sure they have an uninterrupted trip.

It is necessary for the applicant to leave the country on or before the expiry of the visa. The flexible nature of this visa attracts millions of temporary residents to Canada, including tourists, students, or temporary workers. It is also quite easy to get, provided the applicant must meet the minimum eligibility requirements and demonstrate clarity on the purpose of their visit.

It is important to note that people who visit Canada on a temporary basis are not allowed to take up any job. Dependent family members may also apply for Canada Visit Visa, in independent capacity, after satisfying the visa requirements.

What are the Eligibility Requirements?

  • The candidate must have a legitimate passport (valid for at least 6 months) and other relevant supporting documents.
  • Provide reasons to the visa officer on motives to visit Canada demonstrating that applicant will come back to the home country after the completion of trip.
  • Demonstrate sufficient availability of funds that to support the visit to Canada.
  • An applicant for Canada visit visa must be a resident outside of Canada and have other social ties to support legitimate reasons to return to the home country.
  • Details related to the itinerary and hotel booking confirmations.
  • Have no criminal records and if asked, undergo the medical examination.
  • If staying with a relative or a friend in Canada, a letter of invitation is required along with a confirmation that they are fully sufficient to support the applicant during visit to Canada.
  • Past travel and visa history. A valid US visit visa is for sure a big plus.

Canada Visit Visa Processing Time from India

It purely depends on to what extent applicant satisfies the eligibility requirements and travel season. General speaking, it takes around 2-6 weeks to get the visa stamped from India. You may also check the website of Canadian Embassy to know about the visit visa application processing time.

Common Reasons for Denied Entry in Canada

  • Failure to convince the visa officer of intensions of visiting Canada or return to the home country
  • Incomplete or inaccurate documents
  • Lack of sufficient funds to support the trip
  • Presence of criminal record
  • Misleading information in the application

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