Canada Provincial Nominee Program

Provincial nominee program or the Canada PNP program as the name suggests is an immigration program that provides easy access to skilled immigrants for a Canada PR visa. The aspiring skilled professionals have the liberty to immigrate and settle down in a province/territory of their choice, which make it easier for them to migrate to Canada.
The history of these Canada immigration changes can be dated back to the signing of treaty in 1867, ever since then the Canadian have been witnessing countless territorial changes, which subsequently lead to the its growth as the second-largest country in the world by area.
Presently, the country is composed of ten provinces and three territories, each under the Canadian Constitution’s administration are accountable for the sub-national governance within their geographical areas in the country.
Benefits of applying to a Canada PNP program:
Though, the Provincial nominee programs for Canada immigration varies from the mainstream federal immigration programs of Canada, but depending on the Canada PNP program of your choice you may receive the following benefits in your application.

  • By choosing the Canada PNP program one may have the right to live in any province of their liking i.e. you can decide where you want to spend your life in Canada.
  • Lower requirement for IELTS.
  • No obligation for Job Offer.
  • Hassle-free selection procedures from Express Entry Pool.
  • Addition Canada immigration points for area of training.
  • Prospects for promising opportunities in businesses, investment and employment.
  • Once you reach Canada, you would have access to world-class healthcare benefits and government funded free education-system.
Eligibilities and Requirements of Canada PNP program:
1. Know If You Are Eligible

The nomination guidelines and eligibility requirements for each Canada PNP program is different and is subject to change without prior notice.
  • If nominated under a province or territory’s Express Entry stream, you must:
  • meet their requirements of the specific PNP.
  • meet the minimum 67 points criteria for Express Entry, know if you’re eligible through our points calculator.
  • If nominated under a non-Express Entry stream:
  • Apply through the paper-based process, and
  • if nominated by the province, you’ll be required to send an application to IRCC.
2. Know the Application Processing Time
  • If nominated through Express Entry stream, the federal govt. has issued that all applications for Canada PR to be processed at the earlier but normally in less than a year. But however, the actual time taken for processing depends on multiple factors.
How to Apply in Canada PNP Visa From India?
To apply for the PNP Canada you must:
  • Apply to any one of the open provinces and territories out of the 11 Provincial nominee programs.
  • Your application will then be reviewed against the Canada immigration point based system for selection.
  • Once selected, you’ll receive a nomination letter from the province of your choice to migrate to Canada.
  • You can then apply to IRCC for a Canada PR Visa.
  • One can even increase their Canada immigration points under a PNP Express Entry stream. For that you will need to complete an Express Entry profile and show that you meet the minimum criteria for Express Entry.
Express Entry Vs PNP - Which is best to apply Canada PR?
Skilled professionals who wish to migrate to Canada on permanent basis may opt for immigration via the express entry pool. The express entry is a computerized selections system that is designed to sorts skilled applicants for Canada immigration. It connects Canada’s federal government, provincial governments, and employers to choose an aspiring applicant from the pool.
However, if your CRS score goes down, one always has the liberty to apply to any of the open Canada PNP program. Many Provincial nominee programs are known to invite applicants under their express entry stream. Ontario is a best example as it nominates a prospective immigrant who fall below 400 Canada immigration points. Hence, determining which is the best out of Express Entry System and PNP Canada will be difficult, as both have their own set of rules and eligibility based on which an applicant may be granted a Canada PR visa.
Which is the best Provincial Nominee Program for obtaining a Canada PR visa
If you’re planning to immigrate to Canada, then applying with PNP nomination is the fastest way for Canada PR Visa. Under this particular stream, the provinces/territories can rightly nominate a candidate based on their respective selection criteria. As on 01 Jan. 2015, many provinces/territories are accepting application through the new Express Entry streams.
VisaExperts and its Authorized Representative possesses several years of experience in supervising and safeguarding the needs of a prospective provincial skilled immigrants, and also the provincial investor & business class applicants. Nova Scotia and British Columbia may opt to be popular destinations in Canada but in comparison to other provinces, Ontario gives invites to immigrants with CRS points as low as 400, while Saskatchewan has a lower IELTS requirement.
We offer our expert knowledge in the following Provincial Nomination Programs:

Which PNP requires the lowest IELTS score?
As a globally acknowledged and accepted English proficiency test, IELTS is one of the key selection factors for a Canada PR visa. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada recognizes International English Language Testing System (IELTS) as a requirement for English language skill for Canada immigration, as an applicant earns additional points to come into merit for a Canada PR visa.
The required Canada immigration points for express entry is CLB 7 but when it comes to the Canada PNP program, each province has their own set of rules based on their immigration streams. For e.g. Saskatchewan (Occupation in Demand stream) and Manitoba (Skilled Worker Stream) both accept application with CLB 4 level proficiency. Hence, it’s important to know the fact that IELTS score requirement differs based on the PNP Canada streams.
Where to reach us for further enquiry regarding your Canada PNP program
As a pioneer Immigration consultancy in Delhi & Pan India, VisaExperts take pride in providing accurate guidance on your Provincial nominee program and Canada PR visa application. To Know more about Canada PNP Programs and related Canada immigration news, get in touch with us @ [email protected] or on (+91) 859 533 8595 or directly interact with the expert through our Live Chat window.

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