Canada PR Points: Canada Point System

Canada Point System is a comprehensive ranking tool used by the government of Canada to calculate PR eligibility scores of skilled foreign professionals who want to live and work in Canada.

Over the years, Canada has put a lot of efforts in inviting skilled immigrants around the world to meet its social and economic needs. As the country is known for its generous immigration policies and broad immigration systems, one system which has gained quite popularity among aspirants is ‘Canada Point System’. Those who don’t know much about it- it’s a comprehensive tool used by Federal Express Entry Immigration System that ranks candidates’ profiles based on the information they fill at the time of profile creation.
Various parameters are used under the Comprehensive Ranking System to rank a candidate in the Express Entry and determine their eligibility for Canada immigration. Ranking is given to the candidates based on multiple selection factors such as, age, education, work experience, language proficiency, adaptability, etc. Applicants must obtain 67 points out of 100 on the selection grid. Candidates with higher scores are qualified to immigrate to Canada as skilled workers.
The points-based system under the Canada Express Entry is designed to attract immigrants who have the right skills and potential to contribute to Canada’s ever-growing economy. Roughly, express entry draws are conducted in every two weeks, where the highest-ranking applicants are invited to apply further for Canada PR visa.
Areas that are evaluated on the Canada PR Point Calculator while assessing profiles are described below:
Age- Candidates with the age group between 18-35 are awarded the maximum points. However, as your age increases, your points for the same decrease gradually.
Education-A maximum of 25 points are given to candidates with a Master’s degree or a Ph.D. degree. However, you must include your Educational Credential Assessment report from an authorized agency while applying.
Work Experience- Applicants are eligible to claim points based on the number of years they’ve spent while performing a full-time job or an approved occupation. The maximum of 15 points can be earned with four or more than four years of experience for skill type 0, or skill levels A or B under National Occupation Classification (NOC).
Language Proficiency-It’s essential for candidates to take an approved language test before they apply for Canada permanent resident visa. A maximum of 28 points are awarded to candidates who successfully establish their fluency in either English or French language. One must strive to achieve a minimum of level of CLB 7 or NCLC 7 for 1 official language in all 4 language areas.
Adaptability- You can claim more points if your spouse/common-law partner has a considerable work experience or education in Canada. A maximum of 10 points are awarded for this factor. To get this, you must include your spouse’s work experience, or education related documents at the time of application submission. You may also include your spouse’s IELTS test results while applying for the permanent residence.

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Job Offer or Arranged Employment- A person may be awarded a maximum of 10 points if they manage to get the job offer from a Canadian employer. However, the candidate must get this job offer before they apply for the Canada federal skilled worker.
Helpful Tips to Improve your CRS Scores
If you are concerned about your low CRS scores, don’t worry as there are numerous ways through which you can increase your points and boost your chances of selection in the Express Entry Pool.

They are described as follows:
Provincial Nominee Program- Each Canadian province runs its own provincial nominee program known as PNPs to attract skilled workers who don’t score much in the Express Entry. One can easily claim 600 additional points if they receive a nomination from any Canadian province or territory. As the cut-off under express entry draws has been constantly revolving around 400, getting 600 would definitely make a difference. 
Job Offer - Although a job offer isn’t mandatory to immigrate under the express entry system, however, having it can guarantee you 50-200 CRS points.
IELTS Score - Candidates, who would like to improve their IELTS results, must consider re-appearing for the exam. Improvement your marks in any of the four abilities (reading, speaking, writing and listening) can instantly boost one’s CRS scores. Additionally, candidates with French language skills can also re-take the exam to claim additional 24 points.
Siblings in Canada-Consider yourself lucky if you have siblings in Canada as they can help you increase your CRS scores. On June 6, 2017, IRCC announced to give 15 extra points to candidates who have siblings in Canada., along with the candidates with strong French speaking skills.
Education- It is recommended for prospective applicants to get their educational credentials assessed by World Education Services (WES) to make sure that their degrees or diplomas are recognized in Canada. This way they can get extra CRS points even for the education obtained outside of Canada.
Apart from this, they can pursue any skill enhancement course or program in or outside Canada to enhance their scores.
Worried about low CRS ranking? We are Happy to Help.
The Canada point system is one of the things that play a very important role in determining candidates’ chances for Canada immigration. Therefore, it’s makes much sense to get in touch with immigration consultants to avoid rejection or delay in application. Having an expert visa consultant on board can save you time and efforts in filing your application and getting the approval on time.

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