How to Apply Spouse Visa Canada

Did you know that a Canadian Permanent Resident can sponsor his/her partner with a spouse visa Canada? Canada has a dedicated pathway wherein the applicant can sponsor his/her partner to Canada by meeting specific requirements. Often, Canada PR Holders marry their spouses from their native country or do not include their spouses in the residency application. But, this program will become very significant for these applicants.
What is Spouse Visa Canada?
The spousal sponsorship Canada pathway is a part of the Family Class Category of the Canada Immigration programs. Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents can sponsor their spouse or common-law partner for immigration to Canada with this pathway. The successful applicant/spouses will receive a direct Canadian Permanent Residency Permit. Under the program, you may sponsor the below list of categories:
  • Spouse A legal partner (same or opposite gender) with a valid civil marriage
  • Common-Law PartnerA Partner (same or opposite gender) who have lived/living for a minimum of 12 consecutive months with your partner in a marriage-like relationship. It is commonly known as a Live-in relationship.
  • Conjugal Partner A partner (same or opposite gender) with minimum 12 months of relationship where marriage or cohabitation (Live-in relationship) hasn't been possible due to various factors such as sexual orientation, religious belief or immigration barrier)
What are the requirements for Spouse Visa in Canada?
To sponsor your spouse or common-law partner, you must meet the below-mentioned spouse visa Canada requirements:
  • You must be a Canadian Citizen or a legal Canadian Permanent Resident
  • Your age must be minimum 18 years old
  • You can't sponsor someone if you are living outside Canada permanently
  • Must prove that you are not receiving any social assistance for reasons other than a disability
  • Must sign an Undertaking that you promise to fulfill the basic needs and financially take care of the person you are sponsoring for three years
  • There is no income requirement for a spouse visa except when you are sponsoring your spouse who has a dependent child, and their dependent child has one or more children. Then, the income requirement is CAD 25,920 per annum (one person).
You can sponsor your spouse, if your spouse or partner:
  • Has a minimum of 18 years
  • All the relevant Canada Immigration documents (Identity, Education, Marriage or Legal Partner Document) and application forms
  • Meet medical and character requirements
  • Clear Biometrics process
You may not sponsor your spouse, if you:
  • Sponsoring your spouse or partner wherein your previous spouse or partner's undertaking for (3 years) is still in force.
  • Have previously sponsored someone and did not pay back the social assistance while the undertaking was in place.
  • You are a defaulter on an Immigration loan or performance bond. Or did not pay alimony or child support.
  • You have declared bankruptcy
  • You were a convict of a sexual offense, violent crime, or any nature of the offense.
What are the benefits of a Canada Spouse Visa?
The most significant advantage of a Spouse Visa Canada is the applicant receives unconditional permanent residency. Read below about more benefits about the program:
  • Easy requirements – The sponsor and the applicant need not to undergo stringent requirements like other immigration pathways
  • No points systemThere is no point or merit system to choose the qualified applicant. If you meet the requirement, you will receive the permit.
  • No IELTSThere is no requirement to provide English Language Proficiency. It makes the process easier, faster, and cheaper.
  • Faster Process The applicant can conclude the entire process within one year
  • Social benefits Selected applicants will receive an unconditional Canada PR Visa along with social services such as Free Healthcare, family and child benefits, etc.
  • Job Opportunities – Once you arrive in Canada, you can easily apply for an open work permit. With this permit, you can apply for any Canadian jobs without restrictions.
What is the process of sponsoring your spouse?
Below is the step-by-step process for spousal sponsorship Canada visa:

Step 1 – Eligibility and Documents Arrangement
  • Meet the eligibility parameters (both sponsor and spousal) of the program
  • Arrange the documents as per the documents checklist
Step 2 – Prepare the application
  • Arrange all the application forms (IMM 1344, IMM 5532, IMM 0008) and fill the relevant details
  • Must fill the undertaking questionnaire with accurate information
Step 3 – Application Fees payment
  • Before sending the application, you must pay application fee of CAD 1050 (Sponsorship fee CAD 75 + Principal Applicant Fee CAD 475 + Right of Permanent Residence Fee CAD 500)
  • Dependent Child Fee – CAD 150
  • Biometrics – CAD 85 (per person), CAD 170 (per family)
  • You can make the payment in the online payment portal, and you will receive the receipt
Step 4 – Submit the application
  • Arrange all the documents, duly filled application forms, and apply by mail.
  • For Mode of Mail - Address - CPC Sydney, P.O. Box 9500, Sydney, NS, B1P 0H5
  • For Mode of Courier Service – Address - CPC Sydney, 49 Dorchester Street, Sydney, NS, B1P 5Z2
Step 5 – Requesting additional document (if applicable) and Medical Exam
  • The applicant then need to undergo the Medical Exam within the 30 days of medical request
  • Submit additional documents if requested for Canada Immigration
Step 6 – Interview (If applicable)
  • The immigration department may request for Interview in writing along with the date, time, and location.
  • The officer may ask the applicant about the relationship with the sponsor, education, reason for migration, plans and preparation, family, health, and finance.
Step 7 – Final Decision and approval
  • The visa officer and the panel will conduct an eligibility review by evaluating all the documents
  • After the evaluation, the panel will approve Spouse Visa Canada
What are the documents required for Spouse Visa for Canada?
  • Document copy of your civil marriage certificate / Common-law partner document
  • Passport photographs
  • Legal name change Evidence
  • Valid passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Original sponsorship letter
  • Financial documents
  • Police clearance certificate, if applicable
  • Prior-marriage termination papers, if applicable
How long does it take to get a Spousal Visa in Canada?
As per the current trends and approval rate, the entire process will take from 10 months to 12 months, considering all the aspects of inland and outland sponsorship.
Why choose Visaexperts for Canada Spouse Visa
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