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The key to unlocking a picture-perfect permanent residence trip of a lifetime starts with an Australia PR visa. Wake up amid the Australian glory with the gorgeous sun brightening your day along the scenic blue waters. With the arrival of fresh new wave of immigrants each year - Australia is a paradise unknown, here your ASPIRATIONS turn into REALITY as the best destination to start fresh with your family. 

Immigration Australia is the new trend where this ancient land nurtures the world’s oldest culture to peacefully coexists with the vast desserts, twisted mangroves, and concrete skyscrapers.

With an Australia PR, you can possibly give the kind of life to your later generations that they would be thankful for. The coveted permanent residency Australia status can be attained through multiple pathways only if you qualify to exhibit skills that could boost Australia’s powerful economy.

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What are the Benefits of Australian PR?

Why are you still confused? Australia as an ideal destination, you can never bargain for a better place to settle in. Imagine yourselves walking along the ocean clad seashores of Byron bay in New South Wales wearing an akubra hat spotting kangaroos here and there, now wouldn’t that be a memory you could cherish if you migrate to Australia

If a picture of you in Byron Bay doesn’t change your mind for an Australia Visa, then maybe these benefits could change your perception for good:
  • Once you’re done with filing your Australia PR visa through immiaccount, you’ll be eligible to live and work indefinitely anywhere in Australia.
  • You can travel to and fro from Australia as many times as you want while the visa is still valid.
  • After staying successfully for a definite period in an Australia PR, you could possibly apply for citizenship in the future.
  • In an Australia PR status, you are guaranteed a government subsidized health coverage and medical facilities.
  • Flourishing Employment options for highly-skilled professionals.
  • Government funded free Education system for your children.
  • As a permanent resident of Australia visa sponsorship becomes easy and you can invite your relative to come experience the grandeur of the land of kangaroos.
  • If your children are born in Australia, they’ll have Australian citizenship at birth.
Confirm your eligibility for a seamless life in Australia with our Australia Points Calculator. All you have to do is click on the ‘Do I Qualify’ button below, to get a free consultation.

DO I qualify for an Australia PR Visa?

What are the PR pathways available to migrate to Australia?

In order to attain a permanent residency Australia status, you got to choose the right Australia visa that can open your path for citizenship. All Australia PR visas have different requirement and certainly different qualifying points. But having said this, with an Australia PR in your possession, you are entitled to many rights, liberties and benefits for you and your family. Some of the options you can take a pick from are
  • Subclass 189 (Skilled Independent Visa) – is a Permanent Residence Visa, that entitles you to live and work anywhere in Australia. Under this visa category the applicant has to score a minimum of 60 points to meet the qualifying criteria for the General Skilled Migration visa.

  • Subclass 190 (Skilled Nominated Visa) – opens up a getaway to Australia PR, permitting the applicant to live, settle and work in a nominated state or territory in Australia for at least 2 years. This visa category requires you to be nominated by the state, or territory government.

  • Subclass 491 (Skilled Regional Work (Provisional) Visa) - this Australia visa category came into effect replacing the former skilled regional visa - subclass 489, allowing the applicant to live, work, and study freely in any designated regional areas of Australia for maximum of 5 years. Once you’ve stayed in Australia for more than 3 years under this visa, you automatically become eligible for PR.

  • Subclass 188 (Business Innovation & Investment Provisional Visas) - it is a temporary visa designed for flourishing business owners and investors who are at their second stage of business innovation and investment program.

  • Subclass 888 (Permanent Business Innovation & Investment Visas) - it is a permanent visa to convert individuals who have opted to file under subclass 188 to ensure citizenship for the business investor.

  • Subclass 132 (Business Talent (Migrant) Visas) - this permanent residency Australia visa is granted to individuals who are commercially recognized to establish a new or develop an existing business in Australia.

What are the Australia PR Requirements?

  1. The first and foremost matter to look into before thinking of applying for an Australia PR visa is whether your occupation is listed in the skilled occupation list of Australia.
  2. You have to ensure that all your documents are aligned properly to avoid any visa delay at the time you apply. Besides fulfilling travel and educational requirements you need:
    • A Skills Assessment report from a certified Australian authority.
    • An IELTS/PTE test scores to validate your English proficiency.
  3. Then you’ll be asked to lodge an Expression of Interest through SkillSelect - an online portal of Australia, filling in with key information’s such as age, work experience, educational qualification, language proficiency etc. 
  4. You are required to score a minimum of 65 points on the Australia points calculator to qualify for immigration Australia.
  5. You need an English certified translation if any of your submission document is in a different language.
  6. Additionally, you have to make sure that your healthcare and character requirements are met according to the Australian standards, while applying visa application in immiaccount.
Australia PR Process
  1. To begin the PR process for Australia visa, you will be required to submit an EOI (Expression of Interest) to SkillSelect. Until you receive any positive comments from the assessing authorities you need to wait.
  2. Once your EOI is selected by the Australian department of Home Affairs, then you’ll be notified with an Invite to Apply under the chosen subclass via email and on SkillSelect.
  3. Post this, you will be required to submit your visa application along with the necessary documents using your immiaccount (visa applications submission portal) within 60 days of receiving the Invitation.
  4. Once your visa application is approved your Australia PR will be granted and you can pack your bags to make the big move to Australia.
Australia PR Processing Time
Though there is no standard processing time available for getting an Australia PR approved as each visa category is processed differently but if you’ve presented all the documents correctly without missing any submission file, then the waiting period is estimated to be:
Is there any easy way to apply for Australia PR?
Yes, there is! The most time effective way of receiving an Australia PR is by applying for the Skilled Independent Visa Subclass-189. Being point-tested this visa category is your one-way ticket to Australia. Besides being eligible to live and work anywhere in Australia, you also qualify to sponsor relatives suitable to the Australian authorities. Under this General Skilled Migration (GSM) category, you can stay for an indefinite period of time in Australia and can subsequently apply for Australian citizenship. 
What is the Australia PR visa Cost/Fees
The cost incurred for an Australia PR for main applicant is AUD4,045 with additional visa cost for spouse AUD2,025, and each dependent children AUD1,010, which is to be made at the time of submitting the visa application. If there is an increase in visa fee when you’ve lodged your application, you may be required to pay additional charge for the submitted application, but it all depends on the Australian Department of Home Affairs.

Further, added costs for IELTS/PTE & Skills Assessment along with health and character certificate is to be incurred by you, we cannot determine what’s the fee as these things may vary depending on the nature of your application.

So, when it comes to Australia PR you have to harness the intuitive powers of one of the best immigration consultants in Delhi & PAN India, and Visa Experts (Abhinav groups) takes pride in providing you with accurate guidance on your Australia visa application. To have more updates on latest news on immigration Australia, get in touch with us @ [email protected] or on (+91) 859 533 8595 or directly interact through our Live Chat window. Do you know more about immigration visit


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