Overview of UK Visitor Visa

A tourist visa to the UK is a short-term visa for those who want to visit the United Kingdom for leisure, medical treatment, academic research, or to meet friends or family members. The visa is normally issued for three to six months and cannot be used for any other purpose.

Situated in the northwestern Europe the island nation of UK constitutes of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. With 36.115 million people arriving in United Kingdom for tourism, United Kingdom has emerged as the 8 th largest visitor spot in the world.

UK Visitor Visa is for overseas tourists who want to visit UK for leisure, travelling or to meet friends and family, business visiting purposes or creative activities or events. Some people seek the UK Visitor Visa for undergoing a medical treatment there.

How long does it take to get a UK Tourist Visa from India?
You can have your visa within three weeks provided all documents submitted by you are correct and complete. It is much advisable to at least apply for the UK visitor visa three months prior to the date of travel to avoid any unnecessary delays or rejections.
What are the documents required for a UK Tourist Visa from India?
Prospective visitors to the UK are required to submit the following documents while applying for the :

  • a copy of valid passport up to 6 months
  • Two recent colored passport size photographs
  • Bank statement for the last 6 months
  • Last three months’ salary slip, No objection Certificate from Employer, Office ID Copy, and a copy of personal ITR for 3 years.
  • Employment details of last 10 years (name of company, your designation, city, from which mm/yy to which mm/yy)
  • Your travel related details, such as flight details, accommodation, travel plan (places you will visit), previous travel history, etc.
  • Specifics of your current address in your home country.
  • Biometric information- in case you are planning to stay in the UK for more than 6 months. The information comprises your finger prints and a digital photograph taken at the application center.
  • Letter of invitation from the invitee
  • Passport copies and Legal status proof of Inviter.
  • Proof of Accommodation- Utility Bills like electricity bill, telephone bill, gas bill etc. (Any 2).
  • Bank statements last 6 months as proof of funds.
How can I apply for a UK Tourist Visa from India?
To kick-start your process, you need to book an appointment with a UK visa application center in your home country. You are also required to submit the visa fee as per the
A date will be appointed to you where you will need to submit your biometric information, including your fingerprints and a digital photograph. Additionally, you must also bring the following documents with you:
  • Copy of confirmation of your appointment
  • Printed copy of your application form as signed by you
  • Copy of your passport with at least one blank page (front and back)
  • Other required supporting documents as and when need.

How much does a UK Tourist Visa cost from India?
The total cost of apply for a UK visit visa for 6-months from India is INR9122.
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Application fee for UK Visitor Visa

The price of a basic Visitor Visa is £93. There is variation of prices depending upon the duration of stay. For 2 years it is £350, for 5 years it is £636 and for 10 years it is £798. Since the fee keeps on changing, it is best to check the latest applicable fee while filing for your UK visit visa application.

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