Austria Job Seeker Visa from India in 2024

Students, skilled professionals, investors, and highly-qualified researchers look at Austria as an excellent country to live, work, study, and do business. Undoubtedly, Austria boasts a robust and well-developed economy that gives individuals every opportunity to thrive both personally and professionally. Apart from being a European superpower, Austria is also famous for its rich history as it is one of the oldest countries in the world, comprising a large share of the immigrant population coming from varied places.
As a member of the European Union, Austria offers a unique combination of high living standards, fantastic professional aspects, and a stable economy. Every year, more and more people are choosing to move to Austria to boost their quality of life and their families. Depending on where you come from, some third-country nationals must first secure a work visa to live and work in Austria. Although Austria offers several work visa streams, the one that we are talking about on this page is Austria Job Seeker Visa for Indians.
The Job Seeker Visa is designed for highly-qualified non-EU professionals seeking to build a rewarding career in Europe. The visa pathway follows a point-based system, wherein a person must secure at least 70 points out of 100 to be eligible to apply for this visa. The job seeker visa is issued for six months during which the beneficiary can find a job and then apply for the Red-White-Red Card if there is a job that matches your qualifications.
Your points for the job seeker visa are assessed based on following parameters:
  • Graduation from an institution of higher education
  • Special qualifications and skills
  • Special qualifications and skills in the subjects mathematics, informatics, natural sciences or technology
  • Post-doctoral qualification or PhD
  • Research and innovation activities
  • Awards
  • Work experience
  • Language skills
  • Age
  • Studies in Austria
Eligibility Requirements for Austria Job Seeker Visa
As a Highly Qualified Worker you may move to Austria through two ways:
  1.  Job Seeker Visa
  2. Applying for a Red-White-Red Card, which is an Austria work permit, if you have a job offer from an Austrian employer
  3. Must secure at least 70 points out of 100 based factors such as Age, Education Qualification, Relevant Work Experience, English Language Skill, Studies in Austria.
  4. You must be a highly-qualified worker in a shortage occupation.
  5. The Public Employment Service (Arbeitsmarktservice - AMS) must confirm to the Austrian representative authority that you have reached the points required for admission.
  6. Show confirmation of German or English language skills in the form of an internationally recognized diploma.
  7. Job seeker visa for Indians can be obtained if you have sufficient funds to manage your initial expenses in Austria.
Documents required to apply for an Austria job seeker visa
To apply for the Job Seeker Visa, you have to submit the following documents:
  • A Valid Passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Passport size photo (45x35mm, should not be older than six months)
  • Local Residence Proof, which includes lease contracts, preliminary agreement on tenancy rights or ownership evidence)
  • Proof of Health Insurance covering all risks for six months
  • Proof of funds minimum 4-5 lakhs per person
  • Proof of accommodation
Moreover, you also need to submit the below-mentioned documents as part of Austria job visa process.
  • Graduation-related documents
  • Gross Annual Salary in a Senior Management Position
  • Proof of Research and Innovation Activities
  • Documents depicting any recognized awards and prizes
  • Work Experience, including appointment letters, pay slips, referral letters, etc.
  • Proof of language skills with IELTS 6.0 or above
  • Studies in Austria (if any)
How long does it take to get a decision on Austria job seeker visa?
It takes around three to five months for the Austrian government to process your application. However, you may experience delays depending on your case and the country you are applying from.
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