UK Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa

This visa category is designed for exceptionally- talented individuals who have made outstanding contributions in the field of science, arts, humanities, digital technology, film and television, medicine, etc. and have the intention to permanently settle and enrich the UK with their gifted skills. The Talent Visa to UK is an exceptional visa program, restricted to only 2000 applications, 200 out of which are reserved for the tech industry. Also, it is mandatory for an applicant to be an outsider of European Economic Area (EEA).

The visa is initially granted for a period of three years, which can be extended for another two years. Additionally, applicants may also apply for an Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) after satisfying the eligibility criteria. An ILR is a pathway to Permanent Residency in the UK, which also enables a candidate to sponsor their family members and apply for the British Citizenship.

Basic Requirements for the UK Talent Visa

Exceptional Talent Visa UK Requirements

The UK Border Agency has drafted certain requirements for prospective applicants to fulfill in order to qualify under this visa program. First of all, any foreign applicant interested in the UK Exceptional Talent Visa (Tier 1) must get an Entrance Clear (EC) to become eligible to enter into the United Kingdom. And, in order to apply for an EC, the applicant must meet the following conditions:

  • Fulfill the general requirements of application as outlined for the UK Exceptional Talent Visa.
  • Must be able to obtain at least 75 points for EC or LR.
  • Be able to acquire an endorsement letter from a designated competent body in the areas of their talent.

With a Designated Competent Body, we mean an organization which is authorized to judge whether the application is internationally recognized in their field or not.

Documents to Submit for the Visa

Documents to Submit for Exceptional Talent Visa UK

  • A copy of valid passport with front and back black paper in it.
  • A copy of letter of endorsement.
  • Copy of medical clearance certificate.
  • Verified translator copy if the submitted.
  • Documents are in a language other than English.

Benefits of Having the UK Exceptional Talent Visa

  • Successful candidates are free to live and work or establish a business in the UK without any limitations.
  • Free access to public schools or subsidized territory education for their dependent children.
  • Candidates are free to study in any college/university with no restrictions.
  • Do volunteer work and travel to abroad

The Length of Your Stay in UK

Once is visa is issued, you can stay in the country:

  • For up to 5 years and 4 months, if you have applied outside the UK.
  • For up to 5 years, in case the visa is applied within the country.

It’s entirely dependent on the candidate for how long they wish to apply for the visa. All they need to do is pay a healthcare surcharge for a period of time they have chosen to stay in the country.

Apart from, one may expand this visa for up to 5 years, and apply for the settlement, once they have been in the UK for 3 years (under Talent Visa) and 5 years (under Promise visa).

Limitations under Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa:

  • Take public funds of any type
  • Must not get a job as a Doctor or Dentist
  • Must not get a job as a sportsperson – Not even as a sports trainer
Documents to Submit for the Visa

What is the Processing Time for UK Exceptional Talent Visa?

Generally, it takes around a period of 8 weeks for a decision to come. However, people with digital or technical background may expect faster decision provided they satisfy the following requirements:

  • They have successfully enrolled for a well-known accelerator program in UK.
  • The candidate is an integral part of senior management and has played a pivotal role in expanding the business in digital technology field.
  • Interested in living in the areas outside of Greater London.

Apart from this, an applicant may expect a faster decision, if:

  • They are a holder of peer-reviewed fellowship
  • Work as a senior researcher with a reputed college/university/institute in UK

What’s the Next Step?

Successful candidates receive an email from Home Office along with a copy of an endorsement letter in their specific field of expertise. The letter is extremely important to further apply for visa. Also, one must apply for the visa within 3 months of receiving your letter of endorsement.

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