IELTS Online Coaching

Under the IELTS coaching service, VisaExperts shall make third party delivery arrangements, for providing on-line IELTS coaching as per following details.

  • This is highly useful service since one can take the coaching as per ones’ convenience – early morning till late evening; from home or from office.
  • As well, one gets 30 hours of coaching for which one pays at least Rupees 12,000-18,000 to other agencies.
Delivery Model

Delivery Model:

  • Live online classes with a faculty
  • Individual one-on-one classes from home or office comfort
  • Class duration 30 Hours that will cover Reading, Listening, Writing, Speaking.
  • Flexible timings (Operational hours 6AM to 11PM)
Program Model

Program Details:

  • Tips and tricks of cracking IELTS
  • Speaking skills
  • Listening skills
  • Reading skills
  • Writing skills practice
  • Doubt clearing sessions

IELTS Online Coaching


PC/Laptop with an
internet connection





Service Conditions

  • ONLY one of the spouses will be officially coached and advised.
  • In case of one of the spouses, decision ought to be made at the beginning itself about who will be taking coaching. NO replacement of the coaching candidate is permitted once classes have been started
  • The service is ONLY available to clients who make FULL down payment.
  • The service is strictly not available to those who wish to pay installments.
  • First class will start within 10 days of signing of agreement.
  • Client must keep a provision of at least 3 weeks for completion of classes.
  • Once coaching timing(s) are fixed, no subsequent change in timings is permitted.
  • No guarantee or assurance has been given that the client will get an assured IELTS score – whether overall band or a specific band under any of the tests. The client is under no compulsion to accept this service from ABHINAV and may select an contract option without this service from ABHINAV.

We provide services for following countries

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