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Singapore is one of the most developed countries in Asia. The country boasts a highly developed free-market economy, low tax rates, and the third-highest per-capita GDP in the world regarding purchasing power parity (PPP). The Singapore government aims to further strengthen its tech ecosystem by giving business opportunities for foreign Tech Experts and Entrepreneurs in Singapore. For that, Singapore will launch its new pathway, “Tech.Pass,” by January 2021 with a quota of 500 slots per year.

Singapore Tech.Pass is a 2-year business visa to attract experienced business owners, leaders, and technical experts. After the visa expiry, you can extend a one-time renewal for two years upon meeting the criteria. With this visa, you can:

  • Start and run a business
  • Become an investor, employee, consultant, or director in one or more Singapore-based companies
  • Mentor start-ups and lecture at Universities

Tech.Pass pathway is designed as an extension of Singapore’s Tech@SG program, which was launched in the year 2019. Tech@SG program allows the expansion of high potential companies in Singapore.


  • With Tech.Pass, you can move to Singapore with your entire family for two years. This can be renewed for another two years, making it a total of 4 years of Singaporean Residence.
  • There is no need to obtain a job offer in Singapore before applying for the visa.
  • The country is known for political stability, low corruption rates, transparent public institutions, and a business-friendly ecosystem.
  • It has a high employment rate due to the availability of a qualified workforce and commitment to talent development.
  • Singapore is ranked as the top destination for doing business and innovation.
  • The country has built a vibrant ecosystem and global hub for innovation and R&D labs for many leading businesses with a strategic location.
  • Singapore’s taxation policy is designed to empower fundamental economic activities in Singapore for sustainable growth. It has a 17% corporate tax and less than 22% personal income tax rate for residents.


To be eligible for Tech.Pass, you must meet any two criteria of the below statements.

  • Last drawn fixed monthly salary (last one year) of minimum SGD 20,000 (INR 11.1 Lac) or business owners with an annual income of SGD 240,000 (INR 1.34 Crore).
  • Minimum five years of experience in Tech Company with a valuation of minimum USD 500 Million or minimum USD 30 Million funding raised.
  • Minimum five years of experience in developing tech products with 100,000 monthly active users or minimum USD 100 Million annual revenue.


Must meet the below criteria for the renewal of 2- year Singapore Tech.Pass:

  • Must earn minimum SGD 240,000 (INR 1.34 Crore) income based on the latest Notice of Assessment from IRS of Singapore, OR
  • Prove total annual business expense of minimum SGD 100,000 (INR 55.5 Lac) and generate employment for a minimum of one local (professionals, managers, and executives) or 3 Singaporeans
  • For renewal, you must be performing at least two of the following roles from each section:
Founded a tech company in Singapore or a company with a tech-enabled product or service Served on Board of Directors of a Singapore-based company
Served a leading role (e.g., CEO, CTO, APAC MD) in a Singapore-based tech company Acted as advisor/mentor to a Singapore-based start-up
Served a leading role in two or more Singapore-based tech companies Served as professor/lecturer/adjunct professor/adjunct lecture in a Singapore Institute of Higher Learning (IHL)
Employed in a technical role of Team Leader in a Singapore-based company, e.g., senior engineer or senior researcher in the tech field Provided training (e.g., workshops, corporate training classes)
Employed in a technical role leading a team in two or more Singapore-based companies Invested in one or more Singapore-based tech companies


Abhinav: India’s Most qualified Immigration Consultant for Entrepreneurs, Investors and HNI’s

  • Only Immigration specialists have an expert team and experience dealing with business and investor applications for almost two decades. This is a highly demanding, high-risk category of Immigration.
  • Profile Assessment to identify the right country and program, viz. Residency by Investment or Citizenship by investment or Entrepreneur programs.
  • Excellent advice for dependent/non-dependent children and parents.
  • Excellent advice for clients having limitations of staying outside India for long.
  • Documentation Guidance is critical to acceptance, including the all-important area of source and path of funds, business, and personal net worth.
  • Professional Business Plan Drafting.
  • Market Research vis-à-vis Business for Sales listings and Start-up ideas.
  • Online IELTS Coaching.
  • Overseas Company Incorporation.
  • Taxation planning and advice.
  • Planning and coordinating Exploratory Visits with active assistance from Local associates.
  • Start-up Guidance and coordination vis-à-vis Incubators, Angel Investors, and Venture Capitalists.
  • Application Process through licensed Immigration consultants/Attorneys.
  • Turnkey services
  • Concierge services for Premium client

As a pioneer immigration consultancy in Delhi & Pan India, Abhinav Immigration takes pride in providing accurate guidance on your immigration needs. To Know more about Singapore Tech.Pass, get in touch with us or on (+91) 859 533 8595 or directly interact with the expert through our Live Chat window.


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