Move to Singapore as a Tech Professional

Singapore is attracting foreign talent to develop its burgeoning tech ecosystem, by issuing the Tech Pass to 500 high-achieving entrepreneurs, technical experts and business leaders. The Tech Pass is initially valid for two years, and can be renewed for two additional years, if the candidate is eligible.

Tech pass holders can participate in a broad range of activities in Singapore – operating a tech business, mentoring tech start-ups, acting as investors, directors, consultants or employees in one or more companies based in Singapore, or working as lecturers at Singaporean universities.

Benefits of the Singapore Tech Pass

  • No job offer or employer sponsorship requirement
  • Relocate with your spouse and unmarried children under 21 years old
  • Short application processing time (8 weeks)
  • Pursue jobs in Singapore and transit between multiple employers
  • Become a tech entrepreneur, investor, mentor, consultant or lecturer!

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates are assessed based on prior experience and demonstrated track record in developing tech products or leading teams. In order to be eligible to live and work in Singapore through the Tech Pass, candidates must meet any two of the following conditions:

  • Have earned a fixed monthly salary of at least S$20,000 (approximately ?11 lakhs) within the past year or have an annual income exceeding S$240,000 (approximately ?1.32 crores).
  • Have at least 5 years of experience performing a leading role at a tech company that has a valuation or market cap of minimum US$500 million or minimum US$30 million funding raised.
  • Have at least 5 years of experience performing a leading role in developing a tech product that has 100,000 or more active monthly users or minimum annual revenue of US$100 million.

Note: the eligibility criteria for renewing the Tech Pass is different.

Application Process

  1. Eligible candidates can complete and submit the online Tech Pass application form for themselves and their dependents (if any), along with the application fee (S$105), supporting documents and fee payment receipt.
  2. Once the payment is received, application processing begins. This will take at least 8 weeks, or longer, if the authorities require additional information.
  3. If the application is approved, the applicant will receive an in-principal approval letter via email.
  4. Within six months of receiving the in-principal approval letter, the applicant must travel to Singapore and get the Tech Pass issued by paying a fee (S$225 for each Tech Pass).
  5. Once the Pass is issued, the applicant can commence their work or business activities in Singapore.

Why Choose Visa Experts?

The Tech Pass process involves multiple stages, and the documentation for demonstrating eligibility must be thoroughly prepared and appropriately formatted. Our consultants have decades of experience in visa filing, and utilize their knowledge to create an optimal application package that convinces the authorities of your eligibility, and helps you claim one of the limited 500 spots available for the coveted Singapore Tech Pass! To begin your journey to living in Singapore, contact (+91) 8595338595 or [email protected].


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