EB1-C US Green Card Visa for L1A Holders

The EB 1-C is an employment-based immigrant visa designed for the purpose of granting Lawful US Permanent Residency Status to highly skilled multinational managers and executives who have been employed abroad in the same occupation. The majority of these managers and executives may intend to get a Green Card and in due course like to obtain the US citizenship. The evaluation process under the visa is quite stringent. Additionally, the visa requires a US-based employer to act as a petitioner on the behalf of manager or executive transferee to file for the EB1-C visa.

Benefits of EB1-C Visa for USA

EB1-C visa application is attractive for following reasons:

  • No Need for Heavy Investment.
  • No Labor Certificate.
  • No Job Creation Requirement.
  • Immigrate with Family Members.

Eligibility Requirements for EB1C Petition

In order to be considered for EB1C Green Card, the candidate along with the employer must satisfy the following requirements:

For Multinational Manager or Executive

  • The beneficiary must have been employed with the US-based employer for more than a year in the preceding three years. Also, the candidate must have worked with the foreign company in the managerial or executive capacity.
  • The US company must have been in continuous business operations for more than one year.

For the US Based Employer

  • There must be a qualifying relationship between the parent and the foreign company.
  • The employing company must have a legitimate business in the US and in abroad. The company can be a subsidiary, parent or branch office.
  • The company must have been in continuous operation for at least one year.

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