USA EB-1A Green Card Visa - "Aliens of extraordinary ability"

It’s a subcategory of EB-1 Visa and leads to Green Card for the petitioner. It’s tailor-made for those having extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics. 

“Extraordinary Ability“: Definitions and Evidence

“Extraordinary Ability“ is a stage of proficiency showing the person belongs to a small group of those who have stormed to the summit of a specific domain in the field of sciences, arts, education, business, and athletics; and obtained national and/or global reputation.

You can justify such a claim, via producing evidence of meeting 3 of the 10 identified regulatory requirements.
EB-1A petition – 10 regulatory requirements

Given the weight of evidence in EB-1A cases lies only with you, the petitioner, you have to offer extensive proof of and meet three out of ten regulatory requirements:

  1. Either nationally or globally acknowledged prizes or awards.
  2. Membership in organizations that necessitate terrific achievement.
  3. Important published matter (written by others) on you and your work.
  4. Service as judge of the work of others in your field.
  5. Important contributions to your chosen field.
  6. Academic articles or publications.
  7. Artistic exhibitions or showcases.
  8. Important or crucial role for well-known groups.
  9. High wages or fee (in relation to others in the domain).
  10. Moneymaking success in performing arts.

EB-1A: Advantages

1.   No need of any labor certification. No need of any job offer or permanent job position & self-petition is permitted: You don’t need a particular employment offer, if you are entering the nation to continue providing your professional services in the specific domain in which you have extraordinary ability.
2.   Visas are current: Immigrant visas are immediately obtainable for every nation in the first employment-based (EB-1) preference category, even while the chances of any cut-off dates in the near future in the EB-1 preference are highly unlikely.
In case you have the qualifications, your chance of making the cut will depend primarily on the manner you present your case. The good news is that while the rate of sanction for the EB-1A cases in the year 2010 stood at 62%, now the approval rate for the subcategory is much higher and it’s becoming better gradually.

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