L1B Visa Program for the USA

The L-1B or The Intracompany Transferee Specialized Knowledge Program is a non-immigrant visa that allows a U.S. employer to transfer/relocate a highly-skilled employee with specialized knowledge in areas concerning the organization’s benefits from an affiliate foreign office to one of its offices in the US. However, it also grants the parent company to send a specialized knowledge worker to establish an affiliate office in the United States, by filing the petition for a non-immigrant worker with the associated fee.

Who is a Specialized Knowledge Worker?

Specialized Knowledge worker implies to industry experts who are thorough with the company’s products & its related services, R&D, operational techniques, management style, international market reach, and other interests.

General guidelines for the Employer and Employee to qualify for the L-1B Visa

For qualifying under the L-1 visa class, the employer must:

To qualify as the petitioning Specialized Knowledge employee, one must:

  • Show documented proof of relationship with a foreign company.
  • Presently undertaking a business as an employer in the United States and directly connecting with at least one other country as long as the petitioner stays as an L-1 applicant.
  • A viable business with no prerequisites for any international trade.
  • The employee should have worked continuously for a year within 3 years to his/her application to the US.
  • Exhibit specialized knowledge to a branch or one of its qualifying organizations when entering the US.
  • The L-1 petitioner should however know that he/she must leave the shores of the US, after concluding the sanctioned stay.


L-1 Visa reform act 2004 states that all applications filed on or after 6 th June, 2005 on behalf of the L-1B employees, the petitioning employer must show that:

  • He/she will not be principally controlling or supervising the petitioning employee; and
  • The operations handled by the employee will not be considered as a labor for hire.

Period of Stay

If a petitioning employee enters the United States borders with an aim to establish a new office, he/she will be allowed a maximum stay for one year. Other skilled employees who will be coming to the US to manage an already establish qualified organization will be allowed a maximum stay for three years. They need to apply for an extension post expiry of the visa validity.

Accompanying Family Members

When filing for the L-1 visa, the petitioner may choose to accompany his/her spouse and unmarried children (under 21 years of age). At this time the accompanying family members may seek admission into the US in L-2 non-immigrant category, which would grant them the same period of stay as the petitioning employee and may opt for work authorization by filing for Employment Authorization.

Blanket Petitions

If the employer wishes to lay forth certain prerequisites on the L-1 employee, he may do so in advance of filing the employee’s L-1 petitions by filing a blanket petition.

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