Express Entry Latest Draw - 2021

The Canada Express Entry Draw can simply be explained as the system to select the best candidates suited for the Canada’s labour market. The selection system is only applicable for those candidates who are registered under the Canada Express Entry Pool for Canadian Immigration.
How the Express Entry Points Draw Works?
Since the commencement of Canada’s Express Entry system in 2015, it focused on managing the entire channel of immigration applications for three federal immigration programs below:

  • Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)
  • Federal Skilled Trades (FST)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC).
 To be eligible for the aforementioned programs, a candidate must apply through Express Entry System. That profile will pitch against other candidates through the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) on the factors of age, education, skills, work experience and adaptability of the application. Then, the application is bestowed with the CRS score which will compete with other candidates and Canada Express Entry Draw will pick the applications with maximum CRS score.
How to Get Yourself Listed in Canada Express Entry Latest Draw?
The Canada Express Entry Draw system speaks of the discrete approach undertaken by the Canada government in selecting the skilled professionals to meet the labour demand. And, to get the selection one needs to score very high CRS score in order to demonstrate the required skills needed n accordance with the Canadian standards. To put simple terms, higher CRS Score will fetch faster Canadian permanent Resident Visa.
Express entry Draws  Date  Number of Invitations  Lowest CRS Score
36th 06th January 250 813
35th 23th December 5,000 468
34th 25th November 5,000 469
33rd 18th November 5,000 472
32nd 05th November 4,500 478
31st 14th October 4,500 471
30th 30th September 4,200 471
29th 16th September 4,200 472
28th 02nd September 4,200 475
27th 20th August 3,300 454
26th 19th August 600 711
25th 06th August 250 415
24th 05th August 3,900 476
23rd 23nd July 3,343 445
22nd 22nd July 557 687
21st 08th July 3,900 478
20th 25th June 3,508 431
19th 24th June 392 696
18th 11th June 3,559 437
17th 10th June 341 743
16th 28th May 3,515 440
15th 27th May 385 757
14th 15th May 3,371 447
13th 14th May 529 718
12th 01st May 3,311 452
11th 29th April 589 692
10th 16th April 3,782 455
9th 15th April 118 808
8th 09th April 3,294 464
7th 09th April 606 698
6th 23rd March 3,232 467
5th 4th March 3,900 471
4th 19th February 4,500 470
3rd 05th February 3,500 472
2nd 22th January 3,400 471
1st 8th January 3,400 473
Express entry Draws in 2019  Date  Number of Invitations  Lowest CRS Score
24th 19th December 3,200 469
23rd 11th December 3,200 472
22nd 27th November 3,600 471
21st 13th November 3,600 472
20th 30th October 3,900 475
19th 2nd October 3,900 464
18th 19th September 3,600 462
17th 4th September 3,600 463
16th 20th August 3,600 457
15th 12th August 3,600 466
14th 24th July 3,600 459
13th 10th July 3,600 460
12th 26th June 3,350 462
11th 12th June 3,350 465
10th 29th May 3,350 470
9th 15th May 500 332
8th 1st May 3,350 450
7th 3rd April 3,350 451
6th 20th March 3,350 452
5th 6th March 3,350 454
4th 20th February 3,350  457
3rd 30th January 3,350  438
2nd 24th January 3,900  443
1st 10th January 3,900  449

If your Current CRS Score is Not Sufficient or Low. How to improve the score?
To answer this direct question, this is what needs to be done to improve the CRS Score to get an ITA for Canadian permanent Resident Visa:
  • Improve IELTS language score – Re-appearing for the IELTS Examination can improve the scores upon understanding the pattern and techniques of the examination.
  • Canada Provincial Nominee Program – Receiving a nomination from any of the Canadian province will fetch an additional 600 points. Every province operates their own nomination programs and it is easy to choose a province with minimum requirements.
  • Change primary applicant - If spouse is younger with having skilled experience and post qualification, then it’s a better option to make the spouse as a primary applicant.
  • Getting a job offer - Securing a valid job offer from a Canadian employer through Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) can grant 50 to 200 CRS Score based on the chosen NOC.
  • Studying in Canada – This measure will not only earn points for the qualifications, but this could eventually help in securing a job offer from Canada.
  • Spousal Points – Additional CRS points can be attained while migrating with spouse if he/she has more work experience, a high IELTS score and great qualifications.
What is the Canada Express Entry Requirements 2020?
Below are the factors which assess the eligibility of the candidates for the Canada immigration:
  • Age – Candidates can secure the maximum points between the age of 18 – 35 years. With the increase in age the points will slightly reduce.
  • Education –The education must be equivalent to a completed certificate, diploma or degree from Canada. (Minimum Bachelor’s Degree)
  • Language Proficiency – The language proficiency in English is accessed through the IELTS Test which should be minimum CLB 9. (For better score, must score Speaking 7, Writing 7, Reading 7, Listening 8)
  • Work Experience – Maximum years of work experience will get higher scores. (Minimum should be 1 year and maximum 6 years)
  • Additional Factors:
  • Relatives in Canada- Additional points can be acquired upon Self or Spouse’s relatives are staying in Canada.
  • Spouse’s Language Proficiency: Spouse should score more than CLB 7 for additional points.
  • Canadian Education: Self and Spouse’s attained Canadian education of 2 years secondary or post-secondary school in Canada will add extra points.
  • Canadian Experience: Self and Spouse’s gained minimum 1 year full-time of Canadian Experience will grant added points
  • Arranged Employment – If the candidate has the valid job offer from an employer in Canada then he/she is entitled for relevant score.

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