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If you have been planning of migrating to Canada, it’s likely you have thought of how much money you need to realize your Canadian dream or start a new life in the maple leaf country. Canada is an awesome country to migrate, especially for skilled workers. If fact, Canadian immigration authorities have been constantly receiving Canada PR visa applications over the past few years, and thus leading the pack in attracting foreign skilled professionals who want to give an edge to their personal and professional life.
There are lots of reasons why skilled professionals from India choose to immigrate to Canada. Out of all, the most prominent one is Canada’s affordable immigration process. The processing fee for Canada in Indian rupee is quite feasible for anyone who wants to lodge their application for Canada immigration.

Canada PR Visa Fees in Indian Rupees
The settlement funds for Canada depends on which visa pathway you are applying or program you choose to move to Canada. For applicants, it’s worth noting that they are required to submit a fee in each stage of the process, which includes your EOI submission fee, medical examination fee, language test, post ITA fee, permanent resident fee, etc. The entire fee is paid to the Canadian government authorities, overseeing immigration related matters. The Canada PR visa fees you’re like to pay also depends on the number of family members accompanying you in Canada, and several other factors.
The application processing fee for permanent residence under economic immigration programs varies.
  • Principal applicants for non-business class programs such as the Express Entry System, Provincial Nominee Program, Atlantic Immigration Pilot, Quebec Skilled Worker Program, etc. are required to pay $CAN 825.
  • Principal applicants for business class programs such as the Startup Visa, Self Employed Persons Program, as well as Quebec self-employed, investor, and entrepreneur programs are required to pay $CAN 1,575.
  • Spouses and common-law partners of principal applicants under all economic immigration programs are required to pay $CAN 825.
  • For dependent children of principal applicants under all economic immigration programs, the Canada PR cost is $CAN 225 per child.
  • In addition to this, the principal applicant and their spouse/partner are also required to pay a Right of Permanent Residence fee of $CAN 500.
The fee structure will be revised in the program year 2022-23, and every 2 years after that.
Charges for Medical Examination and PCC
Prospective candidates are also required to pay fee for medical examination and police clearance certificate. However, these charges are quite variable, and is directly paid to the doctor performing the test, and police department issuing the certificate.
Canada Provincial Nominee Program Visa Processing Cost
Each of thirteen provinces of Canada operates their own immigration pathways to attract skilled workers seeking ways to permanently migrate to Canada. These visa streams by Canadian provinces are collectively called as Provincial Nominee Programs.
Applicants must pay the required processing fee for each PNP they are applying for. Currently, the minimum amount you must pay for a provincial nominee program is around CAD $500 The right for permanent resident fee is $500, for medical the applicable charges will be around $250, and for interim visa, you are required to pay $190 for each visa.
Following is the processing cost of each provincial nominee program: For those who are applying under Quebec Skilled Worker category, the following charges are applicable as part of Canada PR visa cost:
  • Primary Applicant – C$785
  • Spouse or de facto spouse – C$168
  • Each dependent child = C$168 
Settlement Funds Requirement for Canada
All economic migrants who want to live and work in Canada must demonstrate that they have sufficient funds in order to successfully settle in the country. The motive is to show the immigration authorities that you are financially capable of supporting yourself and your family members during the initial days in Canada. The provision is applicable to both Express Entry and Provincial Nominee candidates.

The proof of funds you need to show entirely depends on a person’s family size, which includes the following:
  • Primary applicant
  • Principal applicant’s dependent children
  • Spouse or common-law partner
  • Spouse or common-law partner’s dependent children
For evidence, applicants must submit bank statements or other supporting documents from financial institutions.
Total Cost for Canada PR from India:
Number of Family Members Funds Required (in Canadian dollars)
1 $12,669
2 $15,772
3 $19,390
4 $23,542
5 $26,701
6 $30,114
7 $33,528
For each additional family member $3,414

Are you ready to kick-start your Canada immigration process? Wondering how much Canada PR visa fees you’ll need to immigrate to Canada? Come to us and we will solve this mystery for you. Complete our free assessment form today and take the first step towards your Canada immigration journey.

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