Benefits of Canadian Citizenship

Once you immigrate to Canada as a permanent resident, you become eligible to apply for citizenship in Canada. It is why thousands of immigrants move to Canada to start a new way of life as citizens with full voting rights. Many migrants go on PR and eventually become residents. To become a Candian Citizen, an applicant should:
  • Be a Permanent resident
  • Should have resided for a minimum of 3 years out of the previous five years, which is equivalent to 1,095 days,
  • Have filed their taxes
  • Pass a test for citizenship
  • Be able to prove their fluency in English or French language.

Here are some of the Top Benefits of Acquiring a Canadian Citizenship
  1. Citizens of Canada shall be able to travel on a Canadian passport
    Known as having the 7th most powerful passport in the whole world, when it comes to Canada, you can travel visa-free or with limited restrictions and walk into 185 countries all around the globe. Since Canada allows dual citizenship, but India does not, you must submit your Indian passport if you want to become a Canadian Citizen and get a Canadian passport. For naturalized citizens, it is more advantageous to have a Canadian passport than one issued by their own home country.
  2. As a Canadian citizen, you need to worry about your status going away
    As opposed to other countries wherein you are required to adhere to some residency requirements. When it comes to Canadian citizenship, you can spend as much time outside Canada with no repercussions regarding immigration. If convicted of a crime, you will not quickly lose citizenship will as a citizen. Permanent residents can face deportation.
  3. As a Canadian Citizen, you are qualified for increased employment
    Some unelected government and security clearance jobs that need citizenship status are made accessible to Canadian citizens.
  4. You can enter and work with more ease
    Being a Canadian permanent resident doesn’t exclude you from meeting the requirements that apply to the country of your citizenship. It will be necessary to apply for a visa just for a swift cross-border shopping trip. If you belong to a country that is part of the Visa Waiver Program (VWP), you still have to apply for a $14 and hold an electronic passport, show a return ticket, and pay fees of the land border. Whereas there is less questioning regarding the land border, you can stay in the US for up to 180 days. Upon meeting NAFTA provisions, you can even work.
  5. No Requirement for Renewal of Immigration Documentation
    Cards for PR are valid for five years. These cards shall be needed for overseas travel and shall be requested as proof of permanent resident status by employers and government agencies. This means PR shall have to file a new application for a PR card and in every 5 years pay an updated fee, but Canadian citizens do not need to do the same and are bereft of such obligations. Canadian citizens for international travel purposes need only to renew their passports every ten years.
  6. Citizens are allowed voting rights and run for political office
    Being a citizen of Canada, you will have the right to vote in provincial and national elections. It makes them play a significant part in influencing federal and provincial politics. As a citizen, you can even hold political office and be a representative of Canadian constituents on subjects such as taxes, education, as well as foreign policy.
  7. Children can be beneficiaries as well
    As a citizen of Canada, you can even transfer your citizenship to your children, automatically making them citizens. But anyone who is born there becomes a citizen. Only if you are a Canadian citizen can you transfer citizenship to children born outside Canada.
  8. A citizen of Canada can be considered for Jury Duty
    If you are a Canadian Citizen, you can be taken into account for calling during jury duty, which means he needs to show up for the process of selection, but some may not also be required to do jury duty as per the laws of their province.
After all, taking Canadian citizenship can prove to have a host of perks for you and your family since it means you belong to the nation and have become an integral part of it. Need to know more information? You can reach our certified immigration specialists by ringing us at 08595338595 or mail us at [email protected]

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