Australia New PR Point System 2020

Thinking about living the Australian life, are you? Did you know that coming this fall of November 2019 Australia points system is to be amended in accordance with the migration act 1958?
If you’ve been seriously thinking about starting with the Australia PR process then you’ll need to be familiar with the initial changes of proposed amendment. According to the current Australia points system, you need to score above 65 points to be granted a skilled PR visa with your profession being verified in one of the occupations in demand lists. And once you pass the Australia PR process, you are allowed to freely live and work anywhere in Australia with unlimited access to state-of-the-art Medicare systems, govt. subsidized education, and later converting your visa status into an Australian citizenship or dual nationality.
The proposed new amendment was passed by the Department of Home Affairs way before the inception of the new Australia fiscal year. The released update shows significant changes to the current Australia points system which will be applied and followed during the fall of November 2019.
As of now your mind must be constantly questioning you of “how to migrate to Australia”, then? One fact that these proposed changes are in lieu of the new visa subclasses that are to be implemented concurrently.
This change in Australia points system is meant to ease your application process and help you gain additional points for faster processing of your Australia PR process. What’s more is that the proposed new points grid would also award points to the dependent family members whom the Department of Home Affairs think are able to make the greatest economic contribution to the sovereign nation of Australia.
With November just around the corner, you can expect a huge upsurge in the point allocation for your Australia PR process, but of course under special condition:

  • 5 points for applicants with a spouse or de facto partner with English competency level more than or equal to 6.0 band score in IELTS or 50 in PTE Academic.
  • 10 points granted to applicants with a positive skills assessment, minimum competency in English, and below 45 years of age.
  • 10 points for single/unmarried applicants.
  • 10 points to applicants with an Australian Master’s degree by research or Doctorate of at least 2 academic years in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics or specified Information and Communication Technology (ICT).
  • 15 points would be awarded to applicants nominated under the new Subclass 491 – Regional Visa or sponsorship from a family member residing in regional Australia.
Wondering how the selection process would be! The order of giving invitations and priorities would be given to:
  • Applicants with a skilled spouse or de facto partner with minimum qualifying competency in English and below 45 years of age.
  • Applicants who are single/unmarried.
  • Applicants with a spouse or de facto partner who are not skilled with a minimum qualifying competency English.
  • Applicants with a spouse or de factor partner who are not skilled and do not qualify with the required English competency test.

Though the proposed changes would instill a great hope in us for getting an Australian PR, but regardless of new rules there is still time for us to get started with our Australia PR process. So, act fast while you still are eligible under the current Australia points system, as the laws for immigration keeps changing. Don’t wait for your eligibility to be compromised as you never know what prerequisites these new changes would bring in the coming November 2019.

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