Canada Creates History - 341,000 New Immigrants in 2019 Friday, February 14, 2020

It is indeed historic turn of events, Canada Immigration welcomed over 300,000 newcomers for only the fifth time in its history. Moreover, Canada exceeds the target by 10,000 additional newcomers which was set for 330,800 immigrants as per 2019-2021 Immigration Levels Plan. The statistics shows, Canadian Government’s need for immigration to drive the economic boom and employment spree in the nation.

As the statistics unfold, Indians are the largest migrating community in Canada for 2019. Another data shows that:

  • 58% of its newcomers falls under economic class
  • 27% from family sponsorship
  • 15% migrated under the refugee class.
25% of new immigrants are Indians – The largest migrating community in Canada

Since the leniency of immigration norms in Canada and introduction of Canada express entry system, Indians have always dominated the immigration influx in Canada. And, Indians are one of the most important communities in Canada who has contributed immensely for Canada’s wealth, progress and prosperity. According to the statistics, around 86,000 Indians became permanent residents in the year of 2019 more than any country in the world. Below is the immigration turnout data:

Number of New Immigrants influx in 2019 341,180
1. India 85,585
2. China 30,260
3. Philippines 27,815
4. Nigeria 12,595
5. United States of America 10,800
6. Pakistan 10,790
7. Syria 10,120
8. Eritrea 7,025
9. Republic of Korea 6,110
10. Iran 6,055

45 % of the newcomers chose to settle in Ontario

  • Year after year, Ontario continues to be the most preferred destination of the newcomers making it 45% of the national share in 2019 due to the opportunities and growth of the province.
  • British Columbia came in second place for the newcomers where it has welcomed 50,000 immigrants. Alberta and Quebec came third and fourth place for leading destination of newcomers to Canada.
  • Provinces like Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Atlantic Provinces (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island & Newfoundland and Labrador) and Yukon enjoyed a very strong immigrant intake.

Province-wise New Immigrants influx to Canada: 2017-2019

Year 2017 2018 2019
Ontario 286,510 321,055 341,180
British Columbia 111,955 137,435 153,340
Alberta 38,445 44,870 50,320
Quebec 42,095 42,025 43,685
Manitoba 52,405 51,125 40,545
Saskatchewan 14,705 15,230 18,905
Nova Scotia 14,680 15,510 15,855
New Brunswick 4,515 5,965 7,580
New Brunswick 3,650 4,610 6,000
Prince Edward Island 2,350 2,135 2,445
Newfoundland and Labrador 1,170 1,530 1,850
Yukon 225 305 400
Northwest Territories 240 280 195
Nunavut 40 30 40
Province/territory not stated 40 10 15

35% of newcomers choose Greater Toronto Area as their destination

More than 118,000 newcomers under Canada PR Visa chose to settle in the GTA which consists of central city, Toronto, along with 25 surrounding suburbs. Considering the cities, Vancouver was in the second place welcoming 40,000 immigrants, followed by Montreal 35,000 and Calgary 20,000 approximately.

After welcoming 341,000 in 2019, Canada is aiming for next milestone of 360,000 immigrants in 2020

As per the Immigration Levels Plan of 2019-2021, the Canadian Govt. is gearing to permit additional 341,000 newcomer in 2020. As the immigration cap was achieved and further exceeded the limit, the year 2020 is also expected to do the magic again this year. And, it is expected to touch the magic figure of 360,000 newcomers by 2020 giving more opportunities for the immigration aspirants, especially Indians.

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